10+ Struggles That Only People With Siblings Will Understand

10+ Struggles That Only People With Siblings Will Understand

There is a Vietnamese proverb that says, “Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet” . Those of us who had the luck to grow up in a house where we weren’t alone, but we had brothers or sisters to keep us “company,” will probably understand the deeper meaning of this proverb.

Nobody said that growing along with older or younger siblings would be uneventful; on the contrary, it would be filled with moments of joy, sadness, exasperation, madness, and lots and lots of fun! Below you will find a compilation of 12 fun moments that you have possibly experienced with your siblings. Sit down and enjoy the journey down memory lane!

1. Master of the Remote Control

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Who doesn’t remember the epic fights that would start the moment you or one of your siblings claimed the remote control? The master of the remote control back in those years was basically the master of the whole family’s entertainment. How many of us didn’t suffer hours of tv programs that our siblings, and particularly the older ones, decided.

2. No Cereal left!

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Like waking up early in the morning to go to school wasn’t cruel enough, you had to make sure to reach the kitchen before any of your siblings claimed the last of cereal or milk!

3. I barely touched you!

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“It was barely a touch!” How many times haven’t your parents heard this same excuse after diving in to separate you and your siblings while fighting? Well, sometimes the “innocent” hits weren’t as smooth as they let to believe.

4. Mom’s favorite

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This is one of the biggest competitions within the siblings’ league! When in a fight you are able to win your parents’ favor, the match is over, and you have won. In many cases, the final decision comes from your parents’ mouth, so whoever has their support is the indisputable winner.

5. Shot Gun!

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How many family trips don’t start like the photo above, especially when you and your siblings are old enough to claim the seat next to the driver? Let the fastest win!

6. First for the Bathroom

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Another lovely moment that you probably remember from the days when you used to live in your family home, was the morning queue outside the house’s single bathroom. All those early mornings where you could hardly keep your bladder, while your favorite brother or sister took their time in front of the bathroom’s mirror.

7. Extremes!

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Like in any relationship, the relationship with your siblings might have had its ups and downs. There must have been moments when you nearly suffocated them and not with love! And, undoubtedly, there were moments when your siblings were those who could understand better than anyone.

8. Get out!

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Another major issue in a house full of kids is the matte of privacy, especially if there is a significant gap between the siblings age-wise. Sometimes, you probably wanted them to just leave you alone, respect your privacy, yet they wouldn’t budge!

9. Annoying little sibling

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Poor older siblings, how many times didn’t you wish you were only-children! Maybe all those infuriating moments when you wanted to get rid of them because they literally had driven you mad, there weren’t but moments, when they were desperately trying to draw your attention.

10. Phone Chargers

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How many times didn’t your phone’s screen go black after failing to charge it on time, as you couldn’t locate your charger? The answer to this question could be “too many to remember” ! And, where would you eventually track your charger? But of course in your sibling’s room, where he/ she had forgotten to ask you to borrow it in the first place.

11. Unlucky little sibling

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Those who were the youngest sibling would definitely remember how difficult it was to walk in your older siblings’ shadows, too much unneeded and unwanted comparison that would hurt your sensitive nature only too often!

12. Storm is coming!

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Sometimes you would just observe, maybe while enjoying something delicious and you would watch the arguments unfolding between your siblings and your parents, feeling a bit too happy inside.

Let’s finish this article with another quote but from an anonymous source this time that really expresses what a true blessing is to have siblings, “The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other.”

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