12 Times Parents Tried To Teach Their Kids A Lesson But It Hysterically Backfired

12 Times Parents Tried To Teach Their Kids A Lesson But It Hysterically Backfired

Being a parent isn’t all fun and games. Most of us do our best to become the most ideal parent for our child but sometimes, we also need to make mistakes in order to learn from it.

A lot of parents, although proud of their children, sometimes underestimate their child’s capability to think and understand a situation. We try to discipline them for something but there are rare occasions wherein this completely backfires – in the most hilarious way possible.

A number of parents online shared the funniest, most embarrassing ways on how their child suddenly turned the tables against them.

1) Video games

Alexander Kovalev from Pexels Source: Alexander Kovalev from Pexels

“My 8-year-old was spending too much time playing video games. I asked him to research the harmful results of too much time gaming. He came back with his report stating he needed ‘gaming glasses’ and a ‘gaming chair.’”

indianaHones via Reddit

Kids nowadays have the luxury of knowing a lot of things thanks to Google. Reprimanding them for something and asking them to Google stuff about it isn’t such a good idea – especially when it comes to gaming kids.

2) Spit ’em out!

Jill Wellington from Pexels Source: Jill Wellington from Pexels

“Coworker of mine was trying to teach her kid the “don’t talk with your mouth full” rule. Instead, the kid just spits out their food when they want to talk.”

MisterCrispy via Reddit

Kids can sometimes be gross. It’s common etiquette to teach children to chew with their mouths closed and not to speak when our mouth is full. However, this kid didn’t quite follow this rule in a more hygienic way.

3) One, two punch

Lukas from Pexels Source: Lukas from Pexels

“Taught my 2nd-grade daughter the tiniest bit of boxing so she wouldn’t be defenseless on the schoolyard. She spent 3rd grade sending the boys home with broken noses.”

joneSee via Reddit

No parent wants to see their child being bullied, or worse, beaten up. This parent obviously has the best intentions in mind after teaching his daughter a bit of boxing. But then again, he might have not thought this one through.

4) Too much food

VisionPic .net from Pexels Source: VisionPic .net from Pexels

“My dad tried to implement the whole you MUST eat ALL the food on your plate in our house during meals. One day my sibling had 2-3 bites of food left on their plate and was very clear that they were absolutely full and couldn’t eat another bite. Dad wasn’t having it and insisted they could not leave the table until all the food on their plate was gone. My sibling realized they weren’t going to convince our dad that they were too full and finished the last few bites and then proceeded to vomit on the table and our dad. He stopped enforcing the rule after that.”

catastrophichysteria via Reddit

This s another old-timey rule that most parents enforce on their child to teach them not to waste any food. While this is true at times, this clearly wasn’t the case in this scenario.

5) Double the trouble

RODNAE Productions from Pexels Source: RODNAE Productions from Pexels

“One of my 5-year-old twins was still having accidents because she’d get so caught up doing things that she’d pee her pants. To combat this, we began giving her a prize when she didn’t have an accident. This caused her twin sister to START having accidents so she could get prizes too.”

KyleRichXV via Reddit

This rule probably could have worked if they were only dealing with one child. This is a clear indication that we should never underestimate a child’s growing mind. Although this was a pretty smart move though.

6) Loophole

Kai-Chieh Chan from Pexels Source: Kai-Chieh Chan from Pexels

“My kids were begging for a pet. I told them if they could keep their rooms clean for six months, they could get one. My youngest proceeded to clean his room, move clothes, and a sleeping bag into the hallway, then lock his door so his room couldn’t get dirty as he slept in the hallway.”


These kids most likely had a meeting about this as they brainstorm on how they can abide by this rule in the easiest way possible. It’s amazing how kids can seriously be compliant but sometimes not in the way you want it to be.

7) Logical thinking 12-year-old

Sora Shimazaki from Pexels Source: Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

“Taught my daughter that whining and begging doesn’t get her what she wants. She needs to make a logical argument. I now live with a 12-year-old lawyer who is really good at making me change my mind on house rules.”

MrRGG via Reddit

While this is a great idea for teaching your kid how to think more logically, it does come with a bit of a risk. This parent may have thought that less whining and begging would bring peace to the household. Instead, they have a teen lawyer who’s always bringing up valid points.

8) Questioning authority

Julia M Cameron from Pexels Source: Julia M Cameron from Pexels

“Successfully taught my child to question authority. Forgot I was an authority.”

AkumaBengoshi via Reddit

It’s ideal to teach kids some life lessons that they can later apply to their life. It is important to teach them how to stand up and think for themselves. Not thoroughly explaining the lesson though can lead to unexpected repercussions – just like this one.

9) Stand up for what you believe in

cottonbro from Pexels Source: cottonbro from Pexels

“I taught them to stand up for what they believe in… All of a sudden, they believed veggies were the devil, and bedtimes should be abolished.”

Penya23 via Reddit

It’s all pretty cute when you teach your kids some adult life lessons, except when you suddenly realize that you did not look into the bigger picture. Kids can sometimes be pretty extreme and creative, especially in this scenario.

10) Clean up your room

Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels Source: Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

“I told my 7-year-old if he didn’t clean his room, I’d donate his stuff. He then helped me bag it all up and said, ‘if I don’t have any stuff, I don’t need to clean my room!’”

-Don-Draper- via Reddit

Kids can be complicated. This parent said this to serve as a warning, but the child took it as a suggestion. It’s really hard to be a parent.

11) Calling 911

Pexels Source: Pexels

“Saw a clip on the local news about a toddler saving her mom’s life by calling 911 when she collapsed. Figured it was a good idea to teach my toddler 911. I had two cops at my door 5 minutes later.”

relevant_tangent via Reddit

Kids often don’t have a grasp of being reprimanded when you do something bad – which often leads to taking things lightly. Sure it’s important to teach kids who to call in case of an emergency but sometimes, it can go wrong.

12) Swear jar

Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels Source: Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

“At dinner with fam. Starting a swear jar that we all agree the money will go to help animals at the local shelter. Got all the rules down with the kids, and they are excited to start. Daughter (8) says, “Well s**t I’m gonna help the animals I’ll be right back!” before the wife, and I can even process what she got away with our son (6) blurts out, “F**k yeah me too!” both running to get money from their rooms…”

LeeKinanus via Reddit

Swear jars are a great idea, but you might want to leave the kids out of it. Explaining a swear jar to a toddler is like opening a can of worms.

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