16-Year-Old Gets Hair Cut For The First Time

16-Year-Old Gets Hair Cut For The First Time

Roxy was sixteen years old and had never cut her hair before. Roxy’s hair was not just a normal long, it was Rapunzel long! Her hair almost went down to the floor all on its own. Before Roxy started the adult stages of her life, she wanted a change. She knew that finally getting a hair cut would be the change she was looking for.

It was time to cut those locks.

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“I decided to cut my hair because it was time. I am going to college in January. I’m growing up and I am going to be seventeen in March,” Roxy explains .

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Let’s be honest, getting any haircut can be nerve wracking. If you do not like your hair cut, you are stuck with some bad hair days until it grows out or you go and get another hair cut to fix it. People usually get their hair cut a few times a year, at least for a trim. So, can you imagine the nerves Roxy must have been experiencing at the prospect of cutting her hair for the very first time?

Roxy needed a hair stylist she could trust and, boy, was this teenager lucky with the hairstylist that Seventeen Magazine hooked her up with.

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Roxy received her very first haircut from celebrity hair stylist Danilo.

If you are a social media fan of Gwen Stefani’s, you will have seen Danilo all over her Instagram stories. Danilo is one of the biggest hair stylists in Hollywood. Danilo has done more than Gwen Stefani’s iconic hair but he has also been a stylist for Britney Spears, Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Hailey Baldwin Bieber and also 16-year-old Roxy. One look at Danilo’s Instagram and you will see the wide range of clientele he really has.

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Roxy was not just going to cut her hair, she wanted to donate her hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths organization. Danilo was ready to help Roxy with her hair donation and he even admitted ,

“… Roxy, who had quite possibly, or as a matter of fact, the longest hair we ever had donated. Unbelievable length, a shocking amount of hair.”

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After cutting off the massive length of hair for donation, it was time to get to styling Roxy’s remaining hair.

Roxy’s hair was still long but she did not believe so. Roxy was shocked with her new “short hair.” It just goes to prove that what one person might perceive as short hair is another girl’s perception of long locks. Danilo was excited to style Roxy’s hair in ways she never had before. He gave her bangs, long layers, and a lot of texture. Since she had never had a haircut before, these were all firsts for her.

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Roxy’s vision for herself was to have a similar hairstyle of Vanessa Hudgens circa High School Musical . When Danilo was done working his hair magic, Roxy could not even believe who she saw in the mirror.

Roxy asks herself , “Is that you?”

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Yes it is, it is just the new Roxy!

Roxy’s new hairstyle completely transforms her into a new girl. She cannot stop smiling throughout the entire photoshoot. We cannot blame her, her new hairstyle suits her bubbly and fun personality. It is the perfect fit. She is ready to take that next step into college with her new and amazing look.

Watch the full hair transformation right below.

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