4 Young Men Walk Into Church. Sing Sweetest 'Is That Footsteps That I Hear'

4 Young Men Walk Into Church. Sing Sweetest 'Is That Footsteps That I Hear'

Music has a way of taping into our emotions.

And no emotion seems to be immune to its effects–hope, longing, joy, and sadness are just a few examples of the emotions that music can pull from us.

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It makes sense then why music is such a huge part of the religious experience.

Religious belief is one of those intangible tangibles, something that can be right there in your midst, or feel miles away depending on the moment–and that’s where music comes in.

The right song, sung in the right environment, can flood you with feelings of belief and leave you emotionally charged.

This is something that all musicians try to do with their music–their goal is to make the listener feel something.

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And for one quartet, singing religious songs is their way of inducing emotion from their listeners.

They go by the name of Redeemed Quartet, and they have mastered the art of harmonic singing.

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In the video below, you can listen to this talented group sing an old favorite, “Is That Footsteps That I Hear.”

It’s a message of hope to those who believe in Jesus and the Christian Bible.

They are waiting for his return, and if the lyrics of this song are correct, then they won’t have to be waiting much longer.

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The music video starts with a man intently thumbing through his Bible.

Already, emotions are being evoked.

The man stops on a specific verse that speaks of the return of his God.

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Then the music starts and the quartet of singers is seen walking towards a church.

They step inside and begin to sing.

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Right away, the listener is struck with their incredible ability to combine their voices into a very soothing and exceptionally pleasing harmony.

Each singer sings the same words, but they sing it in different octaves.

So, as some of the singers go high with their voice, others go low.

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And it’s the low sound of the bass singer that really catches your ear–it’s powerful and deep.

The group makes its way through the first couple of verses before launching into the chorus.

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Up until now, every singer in the group has been singing at the same time.

But for the chorus, they try something a little different.

The bass singer comes in first with the lyrics so that the listener really gets to hear his voice on display.

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He sounds like a modern country singer, one that could be topping charts and billboards all over the nation.

The rest of the quartet echos the bass singer’s lyrics just a word or two behind them.

This creates a very cool sound that seems fuller and more harmonic than the previous verses.

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The group finishes the first chorus and goes into the second verse.

The video goes through awesome shots of the surrounding nature, with the singers standing by a swift-flowing river or an old barn out in the forested countryside.

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Whether you are religious or not, you should definitely give this song a listen.

The quartet’s ability to harmonize their voices is nothing short of spectacular and it’s a song that you don’t want to miss out on hearing.

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