Add Some Christmas Magic To Your Yard With These Festive Diy Outdoor Gnomes

Add Some Christmas Magic To Your Yard With These Festive Diy Outdoor Gnomes

Holidays are around the corner and to be able to enjoy it, make sure to spend it with important people in your life. And just like the usual, to spice things up, don’t hesitate to put up Christmas decorations.

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Decorating will be more enjoyable, too, when you do it with your loved ones. If all family members are willing to help and put some pride in building up the Christmas tree this year, it will surely be a fun activity for everyone.

If you’re looking for the hottest trend when it comes to Christmas decorations (aside from the iconic trees), then we’ve got just the thing for you!

DIY outdoor Christmas gnomes will cure all your holiday yard decor ails!

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I mean – they are cute forever, don’t you agree?

If you think that this would cost you too much of your money, time, and effort, don’t fret because it’s actually just the opposite. You only need your yard, trees, a few Christmas decorations, and your handy DIY skills.

Oh! And did we mention you can also improvise some of the materials? How cool is that?!

Ready for your own Christmas gnomes? Check out these photos for inspiration!

This one is pretty cool, as the beards actually look real. It looks like it was made of some streamers. Really, though, you could accomplish this look with many things.

Some tule fabric, a skin-color painted plastic bowl from the dollar tree for the nose, and some strand of white fabric from an old sheet, set of curtains, or whatever else you can think of and you’ll be well on your way!

The creator of these succeeded as it looks wonderful.

You can definitely choose the material you would like to use.

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You can use your old red gloves or any red cloth and use them for the gnome’s hat. If you have garlands from the last year or even many years ago but you were able to keep them, using them this year is probably a great idea. Just decorate them a bit to make them look like a gnome.

Just like these cute gnomes on the porch.

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If you have more ideas in mind for making your own version of gnomes, feel free to do so.

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With this one, the maker did not use streamers for the beard to make it a bit different. Obviously, it still turned out pretty cute though.

Allison Jerde even shared her own version on Instagram.

While other people want long ones, she preferred a shorter one which is perfect on her porch.

She made it a bit extra by using checkered fabrics both for the gloves and the hat.

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“I’m a little obsessed with gnomes right now,” she wrote.

On Instagram, I’ve also seen the most unique DIY gnome because of its color.

The maker didn’t use something red but it’s still pretty cute.

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Lots of commenters even expressed their amazement towards this simple yet magnificent creation.

Clearly, all photos above are DIY decorations. But all of them are beautiful, right? If you would look for Christmas gnomes online, the price ranges from $12 to $40. But with this one, it will cost you almost nothing.

You just need some creativity and will to do it. You’ll need to be resourceful too!

Imagine having these adorable DIY gnomes on your porch or in your yard. It would definitely attract people. It will also make everyone feel the holiday spirit, and God knows we could all use a little bit more of that right now.

If you want to see more samples of these amazing decors, you can check them out here .

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