Adorable Video Captures Baby Chimpanzee Laughing For The Very First Time

Adorable Video Captures Baby Chimpanzee Laughing For The Very First Time

A heartwarming story for your day

If you need a slight burst of joy to help get you through the day, we’ve got the perfect story for you. We come across a lot of animal stories, but this one is more adorable than most!

Facebook - Maryland Zoo Source: Facebook - Maryland Zoo

A young baby chimpanzee was recorded playing with someone from the Maryland Zoo.

The little chimp has a toy with her, and she seems to be enjoying herself when the person recording decides to play with her. The zoo staff member gets close and starts tickling the chimp, whose actual name is Maisie.

Maisie is loving the tickle game

The charming video was posted on the zoo’s social media and shows the whole interaction. The zoo also gave us a bit of information as to why the laugh is so important.

“Making a play face and laughing is a natural chimp behavior and a milestone chimp babies typically reach between 12 to 16 weeks,” zoo staff posted on Facebook .

As the video ends, Maisie hugs her toy tightly and still has that huge grin on her face.

Check out the tickling video right here!

More updates on the way!

But that’s not all that we know about the young chimpanzee. The zoo updates monthly on their Facebook page with “Maisie updates.” They posted when Maisie first sat up which came just a few weeks before the laughing video.

This was her first big milestone in her progress towards adulthood.

See it for yourself:

Another big update is how Maisie interacts with the other young monkeys.

“See what happens when Lola, Violet, and the rest of the troop see baby Maisie!” wrote the Zoo.

The goal of the zoo is to nurture baby monkeys so that they don’t lose any of them in the young years of chimp life. Eventually, they want them to join the other chimps and be free of human dependence.

Hanging with the troop

Seeing Maisie’s first interaction with the other chimp’s is quite helpful for the zoo to figure out how she’s doing. See that reaction here!

The clip of Maisie and the mirror is comedy gold!

And finally, the last update we have from the zoo brings Maisie one step closer to joining the full troop of monkeys.

“Around 2-3 months old, baby chimpanzees stare at and focus on objects, including their own reflections. Every milestone that chimp Maisie reaches brings her closer to being introduced to a surrogate mother and the troop!”

– Maryland Zoo

Watching baby Maisie see herself in the mirror is one of the cutest things we can give you to watch today! It will absolutely melt your heart, we can guarantee that.

We hope that Maisie makes it into the troop happy and healthy. On top of all of that, Maisie is probably the cutest chimp we’ve ever seen!

The zoo deserves a lot of credit for their work here. They’ve been updating us constantly so that we can see the progress Maisie has made and caring for her each day. They definitely deserve a hearty “good job.”

If this chimp didn’t bring a smile to your face today, we don’t know what will. The only other question would be, “where can you get one of these for daily doses of cuteness?”

Keep going, Maisie!

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