After Loss Of Her Son And Marriage, Inspiring Woman Starts Over In Quaint Tiny Home

After Loss Of Her Son And Marriage, Inspiring Woman Starts Over In Quaint Tiny Home

For some people, moving into a tiny home is a planned part of the future. For others, tiny home living is an unexpected new start in life after a terrible tragedy.

Carol falls into the second category of tiny homeowners.

She lost her son and every pet but her dog in a house fire in Paradise, CA. Not long after this, she went through a divorce and the dog she saved from the fire passed one month after they escaped.

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Since facing such terrible losses, Carol somehow found the strength and the positivity to put her life back together in the most creative way possible.

She hired a builder to build her a tiny home, and, not long after, moved in with her 1-year-old Golden Retriever on the coast of Oregon, where she now lives in a tiny home community.

Carol’s home, Sparrow Cottage, is perfect for a mid-life escape: quaint, slightly cluttered, and cozy.

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The living space of Carol’s tiny home is packed full of home comforts, from pastel-print cushions and curtains to pretty wall paintings and positive quotes.

It’s Carol’s area to relax, sit back and watch TV, or just have some thinking time to herself with her dog.

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The kitchen area is bright and surprisingly spacious, with light wood-topped counters, a space-saving convection oven, and a deep stainless steel sink.

There’s a designated location for everything, including all of Carol’s quirky kitchen accessories.

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Carol is a miniature doll artist, and has a large following in her hobby. She has a space for working on her current projects, and she stores her materials in pretty boxes on high shelves.

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There’s also a computer desk where Carol can work on her laptop if she needs to – not that she has to spend too much time at work in her tiny home.

The bathroom is typical of a tiny home, and has been merged with a storage closet for Carol’s coats.

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There’s a window if you fancy taking a toilet trip with a view, as well as a modern sink and mirror, plenty of shelving, and a regular-sized shower.

Carol admits that while the shower is nice, she misses having a bathtub, and used to love having a “nice hot bubble bath”.

Up in her cozy bedroom, Carol has everything she needs for relaxation: a laptop for watching movies, a Kindle for reading, and, of course, a queen mattress.

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There’s no room for a proper bed frame in Carol’s bedroom, with it being up in her tiny home’s loft.

But the space isn’t claustrophobic, because a large window runs along the side of her bed, making the room feel much airier and more open.

Carol admits that when she first moved into her home, the whole concept of tiny home living was a little scary to her, especially because her bedroom is accessed via a stepladder.

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But she says she’s so used to it now that she doesn’t even have to look where she’s going when she climbs down from her loft space.

Carol’s dream is to one day purchase land and be completely off-grid.

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She imagines being able to wake up and look out of her windows at a stunning view every day.

Her story is proof that even when we’re faced with the toughest of times, we’re stronger and more capable of bouncing back than we think.

You can watch a full video tour of Carol’s home just below.

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