Baby Twins Plan Perfect Escape, Not Knowing Mom Sees Their Every Move

Baby Twins Plan Perfect Escape, Not Knowing Mom Sees Their Every Move

Babies can be a lot of responsibility, but multiply that by 2 and its whole new story. Not only is everything twice the expense, there’s also twice the trouble through every age and stage. Thats why moms have 2 arms right? Source:

This troublesome little boy knows that theres more to his house than this tiny playroom he’s been locked in, and he is determined to discover it. Luckily for us, mom pulls out her camera to capture the moment on video thinking he’s never going to get it. Source:

The escape artist

When he starts lifting the handle is when things get interesting enough for his twin sister to crawl over and see whats he’s up to. This is a child proof gate, how is this little boy who can barely stand managing to get it unlocked? Source:

Next thing you know the gate has been pulled open. The little boy is so surprised at his own accomplishment, his sister speed crawls ahead of him out of the gate and down the hall like some sort of baby race horse. Source:

The twins are not in this together by any means.

Though the little boy speeds after his sister down the hall the two part ways at the first bedroom door, as soon as he reaches the first bedroom door, he veers right and crawls inside. His sister is still speeding down the hall, only turning around to look and see if anyone has caught on to her yet. Source:

Theres no doubt these two kiddos are going to be keeping this mom busy! The fact that they split up in different directions so she would have to go after one or the other is something only grown twin siblings have mastered. Source:

This is a pretty comical video, but you can’t help but ask the question how effective is baby proofing? This gate is meant to keep kids in and hopefully give parents a little peace of mind, but this mom couldn’t look away for even a second. These tots are barely one and they’ve figured out the system. They’re clearly super smart, but maybe it’s time for a new system. Source:

The video is full of comments from people loving the twins and their escape plan. The video has gained thousands of views from everyone loving their post and even posted a little contest for the more subscribers they gain. So hit the link below for the video and subscribe to see what the twins look like now!

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