Beautiful Succulent Christmas Trees Might Be The Best Way To Put Up A Tree This Year

Beautiful Succulent Christmas Trees Might Be The Best Way To Put Up A Tree This Year

As part of the holiday tradition, millions of people set up and decorate Christmas trees each year. But sometimes, that’s not the best option. If you’re someone who loves having a beautiful tree but you have small children, pets (especially cats), no time to spend decorating, or you plan to be out of town for Christmas, perhaps there’s something better.

People have discovered an amazing alternative to a traditional Christmas tree in the form of succulents. In case you don’t know what those are, they’re live plants. But instead of watering them once a week, occasional misting and air are the only two things they need to grow and thrive.

As a bonus, you can keep a succulent tree out well beyond the holiday season. Also, you can make a tree or for added convenience, purchase one or more. These 15 examples show just how gorgeous succulents are as an alternative to a conventional Christmas tree.

1. Three times the beauty

Sure, you could put up just one succulent Christmas tree but for added enjoyment, consider a trio of trees. Known as the Alpine succulent tree, these have just the right amount of color. Top them with a miniature star and you’re good to go.

Etsy/TerracottaCornerFL Source: Etsy/TerracottaCornerFL

2. So festive

The pop of red color makes this a popular choice. As shown in the photo, you can set the succulent inside of a small clay pot. This particular succulent is made from more than 100 cuttings, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Etsy/Riley’s Oasis Source: Etsy/Riley’s Oasis

3. A tall succulent

Most succulents don’t grow taller than 13 inches. But this one measures 18 inches high. This is so pretty that you can use it in place of a traditional Christmas tree and then as home décor all year long.

Etsy Source: Etsy

4. Looks so realistic

This succulent looks amazingly like a real Christmas tree. Its fern-like structure is stunning. And with so much fullness, you could easily decorate it with tiny ornaments.

Etsy/TerracottaCornerFL Source: Etsy/TerracottaCornerFL

5. Grapevine succulent

For this, the creator tiered succulents on a grapevine shaped like a Christmas tree. What a fantastic idea. This particular tree would look beautiful as a centerpiece on a dining room table.

Etsy/SucculentArtworks Source: Etsy/SucculentArtworks

6. Super festive

For this, the larger ornaments are highlighted. Even so, you can still see the succulents peeking through. What a fun tree to have.

Etsy/UniqueSucculentTrees Source: Etsy/UniqueSucculentTrees

7. A showstopper

Having this instead of a traditional Christmas tree might make you the envy of family and friends. With a combination of different plants, it’s unique and charming. All you need to do is add a few small red balls.

Etsy/ShopCloStore Source: Etsy/ShopCloStore

8. Gorgeous and diverse

What makes this succulent tree so special is that it consists of several different types of succulents. With all of them together, you end up with one small Christmas tree. This will get you into the holiday spirit.

Etsy/ShopCloStore Source: Etsy/ShopCloStore

9. Wall tree

As you know, Christmas trees are placed on the floor. But not with this succulent. It’s designed inside of a reclaimed wood frame that you can hang on the wall. This is ideal if you have limited space.

Etsy/TheHolidayPopUpStore Source: Etsy/TheHolidayPopUpStore

10. Sweet and dainty

A lot of people love over-the-top Christmas trees. On the other hand, some individuals prefer something that’s simpler. If you’re among those who like something sweet and dainty, this succulent tree is for you.

Etsy/smittenwithdetails Source: Etsy/smittenwithdetails

11. A wonderful idea

In this case, the reclaimed wood frame is larger and more distinct than the others mentioned. You’ll also notice that the design includes larger succulents. Whether mounted to a wall or used on a table, you can’t go wrong with this.

Etsy/TheHolidayPopUpStore Source: Etsy/TheHolidayPopUpStore

12. Hand-painted tree

Whether you decide to make a succulent Christmas tree or buy one from a reputable merchant, here’s an awesome idea. You can either spray or hand-paint it. Talk to someone at your local home improvement store or gardening center about paints that won’t harm succulent plants and then let your creativity flow.

Etsy/BrookesRosettes Source: Etsy/BrookesRosettes

13. Tropical vibe

Wow…this is stunning. This succulent Christmas tree has a definite tropical vibe. You can bet that no one else will have a tree that looks anything like this, making it a one-of-a-kind.

Etsy/SeaofBlissShop Source: Etsy/SeaofBlissShop

14. Table topper

With a succulent tree like this, you can decorate any room of your house. This would be perfect on an entryway table. Or you could place it on the dining room table, an end table, or get several to place throughout the home.

Etsy/SheldonHillsDecor Source: Etsy/SheldonHillsDecor

15. Impress everyone

With a beautiful succulent tree like this, that’s what you’ll do. Although this one doesn’t consist of a ton of plants, it makes a statement. And the soft colors are a nice change from the boldness of a traditional tree.

Etsy/TheRustyGardener Source: Etsy/TheRustyGardener

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