Construction Worker Spends 3 Years During Spare Time Transforming Garden Into Paradise

Construction Worker Spends 3 Years During Spare Time Transforming Garden Into Paradise

Everyone wants to find their own version of paradise. Whether that’s a lush garden, a house on the water, or a quiet little spot in a cafe, these places are designed to bring peace. But one 45-year old construction worker wasn’t satisfied with his search for paradise. So he built one for himself.

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This man builds a spot for relaxation and comfort

Chris Lodge, the owner and builder of the garden, is a 45-year old construction worker. He was more than proud and willing to show off the fruits of years of planning, design, and hard work. The project, his paradise garden, resembles a jungle resort island on his own land. When asked why, he had this to say:

“This garden just so great for the mental health”

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Lodge’s project is as much a gift to his dog as it is a treat to him and his wife

Lodge explains that the garden is also great for his dog, Dice. Dice has been known to suffer seizures, so he and his wife can’t leave the dog alone for extended periods. They obvious don’t want to trust him with a total stranger either, since they know how best to care for their pup.

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Three years, a lot of money, and hard work created something beautiful

Thousands of British pounds went into constructing the garden. Costs include rope bridges, a Tiki hut, lighting, tropical trees and succulents, and other features. He’s even had masks brought to his garden so he could wear them during parties or to entertain guests.

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This slice of paradise resembles an island dream home

Look closer at the details. Not only will you see decorative flamingos and gorgeous hanging vines, but you’ll see specially treated wood that can withstand the high moisture. You can almost imagine the cast of Gilligan’s Island living in this garden and being very satisfied.

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Impressive natural features add so much to his vacation home

No visit to a rain forest or island paradise is complete without a stop by waterfalls and running streams. That’s why Lodge made sure to include gorgeous falls so you can listen to the churning of water and see the beauty of nature.

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Everything you could want from a meditative garden is available in this spot

But Lodge’s garden isn’t just green vegetation and running water. He’s also added a mark of luxury and class and included a koi pond. He talks about how he checks the water every day and jokes that it’s like he’s keeping water for the koi rather than the other way around.

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Handsome statues add life to the already vibrant garden

Keep watching and you’ll even see replica statues and figurines of wild animals to give the illusion of wildness to the place. These include monkeys, alligators, and other wild jungle creatures. Lodge wants this gardent to feel like an adventure through a rainforest.

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The project might seem impossible, but it began with a single step

Anyone wanting a garden like this for themselves might be intimidated. But Lodge promises that it begins with a single step. Whether you create a Tiki bar, a koi pond, or a tropical plant garden, once you get started, you’re on your way.

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Is a home-made paradise worth the effort? Lodge has an opinion

Lodge believes that everyone should have a space to call their own. So he ends his tour with the following advice:

“…You have to create your own bubble so you can shut that gate, go to your little paradise.”

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