Couple Shocked To Find Abandoned Infant Brothers In Garbage - Step Up To Give Them Best Life

Couple Shocked To Find Abandoned Infant Brothers In Garbage - Step Up To Give Them Best Life

Life is just full of surprises, and some are much more shocking and unexpected than others.

Mark Purcell, the executive chef at the Pasco Metropolitan Ministries in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, was in for a huge surprise one evening, just as he was about to end the working day and head home.

He was taking out the trash when he saw a couple of tiny heads peeking out from among the trash bags.

At first, Purcell thought that someone had tossed away a couple of baby dolls, but on closer inspection, he realized that those weren’t dolls: they were real children!

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Two baby boys were sitting right there among the trash. One of them was seven months old, while his big brother was about two years old.

They were wearing nothing but diapers when Mark found them, and their mother was hiding right around the corner.

As Mark learned more about the story, he discovered that the mother was homeless and just couldn’t care for her babies any longer, deciding to leave them at the church and hoping that someone would take them in, providing the care she simply couldn’t.

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Unsure what to do next, Mark decided to give one of the church pastors, Krystal Stewart, a call and see if she and her husband, Ron, would be willing to care for the kids for a night.

Krystal and Ron said yes, and they were actually familiar with the kids in question.

They’d seen them and their mother at the local soup kitchen and had even offered to help the mom in the past, knowing that she was struggling to get by.

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In an interview with FOX 13 News, Krystal explained that the boys were very dirty and covered in bug bites, needing several baths and lots of tender, loving care from their new guardians.

But little did Krystal and Ron know at the time that this ‘temporary arrangement’ was about to turn into a life-changing commitment.

A few days after the boys were found in the trash, their mother and social worker came to the Stewarts and asked if they’d be willing to take the boys in on a more permanent basis. Otherwise, they’d have to go into the foster system.

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Krystal and Ron needed to make their minds up very quickly. They say that they both knew exactly what to do, agreeing to take the boys in and feeling that “there was no other option”, as far as they were concerned.

Since then, the boys’ parents decided to sign over custody of their kids to the Stewarts, with Ron and Krystal subsequently starting the adoption process!

They already had a few kids of their own, but their family has now grown with two new members, after the adoption become official. It’s an amazing story, starting off so sadly but finishing with a wonderful happy ending for these innocent kids. Learn more about what happened in the news report below.

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Source: FOX 13 News Tampa Bay

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