Cowboy Gives Hilarious Advice To A Group Of Men Wearing Their Pants Too Low

Cowboy Gives Hilarious Advice To A Group Of Men Wearing Their Pants Too Low

Today, dishing out advice and giving one’s opinion is like walking on eggshells. One has to tread carefully because there’s no saying what will rank as offensive or backwards next. For instance, along with many other topics, telling someone what to wear or what not to wear happens to be a highly sensitive discussion – one that’s bound to shift towards an argument of rights, freedom, or equality.

You’re either old, old-fashioned, or simply hating when you offer your opposing opinion on certain fashion trends.

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Take the silk pajama trend. Celebrities like Selena Gomez have been spotted wearing what looks like silk pajamas in public. (They can definitely pull off any look, let’s admit that.) It turns out to be the latest style – wearing sleepwear as daywear. You honestly find it a bit funny but you can’t just state how silly you think it is because you just know almost everyone will be on your case.

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But what if the advice – or the opinion – is delivered so bluntly that it comes off as comical?

You know, sound advice said so truthfully that you won’t be able to hold back your giggles when you realize this person’s just stating facts?

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This cowboy has plenty to say about one cringe-worthy trend in men’s fashion.

“Here’s a couple of handsome young men, by all appearances they seem to be strong young boys but they’re struggling to walk down the street. You know why? Because their pants are around their knees!”

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You have to admit, it is pretty odd when men walk around with pants so low that the waist seems to drop straight down to the knees, leaving underwear exposed.

When did belts stop being functional? Since when did it become acceptable to show off one’s drawers? You definitely have to agree with this cowboy’s sentiments. He’s not hating on anyone, he’s just pointing out the ridiculousness of it all.

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He even injects pop culture references into his statements, quipping how men with pants worn low look like they’re waddling – almost as if they’re auditioning for the role of The Penguin in a Batman film. As he looks out his car, observing how many men walk down the street with their pants dropped almost to their waist, he shakes his head in confusion and amazement and continues his entertaining tirade.

“Don’t you even comment on here and say it’s about fashion or some kind of trend. It looks like they fell asleep while they were putting their pants on!”

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If wearing one’s pants really low is a fashion statement, we can’t help but wonder about the actual statement the whole look is supposed to be making.

Does it spell carefree and laidback? Does it give off the impression of being effortlessly cool? No one knows, really.

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This cowboy insists on the absurdity of it all.

“You know the function and purpose of your pants? It’s to cover yourselves up! Pull it up to your waist ’cause nobody wants to see your crack!”

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Basically… If pants are worn to cover up, why are they only worn halfway up?

Press play and listen to this cowboy discuss his thoughts on the pants-down-low trend.

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