Doctors Said Boy With Cerebral Palsy Would Never Walk, Against All Odds He Walks To Marine Dad

Doctors Said Boy With Cerebral Palsy Would Never Walk, Against All Odds He Walks To Marine Dad

People always find a way.

At a young age, doctors told one child he’d never walk again due to his cerebral palsy.

But doubt just furthered his will. He grew eager to prove the universe wrong.

Upon seeing his Marine father for the first time in a long time, the child did the unthinkable…

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Dad walks into the school’s gymnasium, ready to see his family.

He stops in his tracks, noticing his son a few yards away. This reunion has been a long time coming.

To everyone’s surprise, his son begins walking forward with all his might!

Never underestimate the will of a child, especially when he hasn’t seen his dad in ages!

This one’s for Dad.

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Fellow military personnel, family members, and friends watch along in awe.

The child’s shattering all expectations.

He’s taken his relationship with cerebral palsy by the horns.

For the medically ignorant (like myself), cerebral palsy refers to a range of disorders that affect movement and balance.

You may know of Walt, Jr. a.k.a Flynn from Breaking Bad , who also has cerebral palsy.

Dad eagerly awaits his inspirational son.

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The child uses every fiber of his being to maintain the course.

Next stop: Dad!

Completely unassisted, he moves forward one foot after the other, just like everyone else.

This child’s doing the borderline impossible, one step at a time!

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Dad kneels and offers his open arms. His son continues his forward course across the gymnasium.

It’s just a matter of time!

The suspense builds as everyone waits in anticipation for Dad and Son to be reunited.

This is going to be one heck of a hug!

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The child draws nearer with each passing moment.

He’s not as quick as his peers, but he’s even more determined! He’s been given a different set of challenges than most.

Life hasn’t been a cakewalk for him, but things just got so much better.

Dad’s home.

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The triumph of the human spirit!

Dad and Son’s love is on full display today! All eyes are on the father-son duo. This one’s a joyous tearjerker!

Incoming: warm embrace!

This one’s been coming for such a long time.

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Dad sweeps his son off his proven feet.

He won’t be needing those for a few moments! Dad’s here, in the flesh.

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Seriously, what a heartwarming moment! There’s nothing quite like seeing someone you love after what feels like forever.

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How do you feel when you haven’t seen a loved one in a while?

It’s not an easy thing to deal with!

This family got through it together, one day at a time. Now, their love’s still as strong as ever!

It’s a great day for everyone. Dad, Son, and Sister share some more love.

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There’s a lot more where that came from!

Mom joins in on the fun.

This is a big moment for her, too. Her boys are finally reunited, and she’s back into the warm embrace of her husband!

Plus, there’s way more than enough love to go around! This is for the whole family!

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Never give up!

This child did the impossible, proving his doubters wrong. When his dad got back from deployment, he was ready to show him what he’s been working on.

Do you have any relatives in the military? Deployment is hard for everyone involved.

What do you think of this child’s brave walk across the gym? He’s done with the doubts! He just gave his dad one of the greatest gifts ever!

Make sure to watch the entire triumphant video below!

I apologize in advance – you may shed a tear or three!

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Source: CNN , WebMD

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