Husband Moved To Tears When Wife Reveals Saucy New Makeover

Husband Moved To Tears When Wife Reveals Saucy New Makeover

Makeovers aren’t just about improving looks. They can also…

Many women find themselves facing a point in their lives when they need a change. Maybe they’ve done the parenting thing, have enjoyed a long successful career, or just need a change in their lives.

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For these women, makeovers can be the first step into finding a brand new ‘you’. It’s also the start of a new life as many of these women can smile and look forward to tomorrow with reignited passion and confidence.

That’s what Monaya wanted, because she was tired of…

Monaya had white hair and dyed it brown for over 30 years to hide it. It was acceptable for the kind of life she used to live, but one day Monaya knew she wanted a change.

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She wanted to embrace her natural hair color while still feeling young and lively again. When asked, she even called her old hair style, “Witch Hair” because it matches up with how scary movies portray them.

Monaya’s husband, Christopher, was more than happy to support his wife’s goals because…

Christopher said:

“This is love. Monaya had grown out her white hair that she has colored to dark brown for over 30 years. I loved her natural color so this is what happened.”

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This led to Monaya coming out to the Makeover Guy’s salon.

She was finally ready to move on from the dark brown hair she had for over 30 years.

When the Makeover Guy asked about Monaya’s beauty goals, she said she wanted to “feel fun and more… different.” She added, “It felt kinda blah the past couple of years.”

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So the Makeover Guy got to work. And after some cuts, style, and treatments…

Monaya finally had a bold new look. You can see the surprise in her eyes when she looks at herself through the mirror. The sheer pleasure and joy in her face is heartwarming to see.

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When the team asked her how she liked her new look, Monaya said, “I love it! It’s a nice change.” She finally got rid of her old style and was ready to take on the world.

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But how did her husband take to the new look?

The most exciting part of these makeover shows is the big reveal. When spouses, family, and close friends get to see their loved ones with brand new eyes. This video was no different.

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When they finally revealed Monaya’s new look, her husband was overwhelmed. He was moved to tears and he couldn’t stop smiling. It was like night and day from how he was just moments ago.

We can imagine Monaya’s joy from hearing her husband say:

“You look so beautiful.”

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He then told the team, “I kinda had this look in mind, to be honest… I think she’s gonna be much more comfortable and it makes her look -”

“Sexy? Come on, say it,” Monaya prodded him.

And he agreed, telling his wife that:

“You look sexy and sophisticated,”

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Monaya was a hit on Youtube as well, as the video transfsormation has earned more than 100k views.

The comments section exploded with praise. Such as this quote from Stacy Salinas who said:

“Oh my gosh!!! Her hair is beautiful! She looks like a supermodel!

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The MakeoverGuy Facebook page had the same sentiment. As one commenter said:

“This has to be one of your best makeovers. What a delightful woman. The short hair is a complete transformation. She looks absolutely gorgeous. Love her husband who was so happy for her.”

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting a professional makeover, check out the video below to see what it was like for Monaya.

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