Kids Miss Veteran Mentor So Much They Write Him Letters And Show Up To Walk His Dog

Kids Miss Veteran Mentor So Much They Write Him Letters And Show Up To Walk His Dog

The coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down. Friends and family have grown apart as social distancing has become the norm.

Are you counting down the days before seeing a certain someone? Have you ever missed someone so much that you can’t stand it?

The elementary school students of Ronald, Washington know the feeling.

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Meet Ronald Jacobson of Ronald, Washington.

He’s a Vietnam veteran known for volunteering at local schools. He’s still serving his country decades later.

Ron spends most of his time working with the children of Cle Elum-Roslyn Elementary.

“When I started they asked what they should call me, and I said I have 11 grandchildren, and they call me Grandpa.”

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He’s spent thousands of hours volunteering with children. Now, he’s being recognized by the Veterans of Foreign War for his community service.

Despite the national recognition for his hard work and big heart, Ronald stays grounded.

“It isn’t the recognition that really matters. It’s that I get 50 hugs before nine o’clock every morning.”

Ron values the important things in life.

I think we could all use a hug right about now.

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Notice how he’s wearing a mask to protect himself and those he comes in contact with.

Ron’s setting a wonderful example for the children.

He understands that COVID is something that should be taken seriously!

Like Ron, remember to wear a mask in public! These simple health recommendations could literally save lives.

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The United States will surely continue to struggle with COVID until current leadership changes.

Ronald understands that the future is so important!

“There is a future of this country. And if we want the country to better itself, it has to be through our children or our grandchildren.”

The pandemic’s resulted in mandatory online learning, making it much harder for Ron to see the kids.

Needless to say, they miss their grandpa!

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Ron is a community servant of the highest order. He’s leaving a lasting, loving imprint on the youth!

During the pandemic, the children have sent Grandpa Ron signs, letters, and other thoughtful gifts.

They absolutely adore him! Everyone does.

A representative of the Veterans of Foreign War sent a video commending Ron for his continued service.

“Ron spends more than 20 hours a week being a friend, mentor, and oftentimes a father figure to the students in his community.”

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Ronald is revered across the country.

Even though he’s not active military, Ron continues to serve his country! He’s beloved by all and genuinely enjoys kids.

“There’s nothing better than working with children.”

He teaches his children countless life lessons, but he’s always learning from them, too.

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“I’m still taking care of the troops. It’s just they’re 75 years younger than I am. That’s okay, too.”

Unfortunately, Grandpa Ron can’t see his kids as much as he used to. The coronavirus has made things tricky, especially given his age.

How do we reunite them?

Well, given ineffective leadership on the pandemic, get out and vote!

Vote for people who believe in science and seek to curb the pandemic. The less effective our leadership, the longer this pandemic will last.

Get out and vote. Vote like your health depends on it!

And for Ron’s sake, please wear a mask.

The coronavirus is no joke. Even the President got it. Take precautions to ensure you and your family’s safety in these uncertain times!

Stay safe and healthy. The next few months are going to be bumpy.

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