Learn The Truth About What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality

Learn The Truth About What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality

If you looked at how 10 people slept, you’d discover they all prefer a somewhat different position. For the most part, that has to do with the comfort level. But your sleep position also has a direct correlation to your personality. Multiple studies confirm this, which if you think about it, is quite fascinating.

Different sleeping positions

That’s right, the position you sleep in reveals your personality. But before going over what that means, start by learning the names of the most common positions. In total, experts acknowledge 19 unique methods of sleeping, which include:

1. Back to Back (touching) 2. Back to Back (not touching) 3. Chasing Spoon 4. Cliffhanger 5. Cradle 6. Face to Face (Touching) 7. Face to Face (Not Touching) 8. Fetal 9. Leg Hug 10. Loose Spoon 11. Paper Dolls 12. Shingles 13. Soldier 14. Spoon 15. Starfish 16. Stomach Snooze 17. Tangle 18. Tetherball 19. Unraveled Knot

Early morning discoveries

More than likely, you’ve woken up a time or two wondering how you ended up in a weird position. Some people have even reported going to sleep only to wake up turned completely around so their head is now at the foot of the bed. Sometimes, that has to do with your sleeping partner hogging space but other times, it’s far more revealing.

What’s the right amount of sleep?

Some people don’t require as much sleep as others. The right amount depends on an individual’s age. For example, children between the ages of three and five need anywhere from 10 to 13 hours of sleep a night. In comparison, adults should get from seven to nine hours.

Benefits of sleep

Not only is sleep vital to your physical health but also your mental health. The right amount of sleep provides tremendous benefits. The following are the most significant.

• Maintain a healthy weight • Fall ill less often • Improve mood • Reduce stress and anxiety • Retain better focus and concentration • Reduce risk for major health issues such as heart disease and diabetes • Make better decisions • Prevent injuries and accidents • Get along better with people

Bed body language

Your bed body language uncovers detailed information about your specific personality. It also reveals information regarding your thoughts, overall health, and even the relationship you have with your partner. What you can learn is absolutely fascinating.

Ensuring proper rest

There are several ways to get a good night’s sleep. For instance, it’s best to keep the bedroom temperature on the cooler side. Also, don’t watch television or use your cell phone in bed as both of these stimulate the mind, making it hard to fall asleep. And choose the right pillow, something like the Dosaze pillow, which is designed to reduce neck pain and promote better sleep with its special air foam design which relieves pressure from your neck and shoulders.

Your personality revealed

Let’s move on to the really interesting stuff…sleeping position and your personality. Below are some examples of what your sleep position says about you. You’ll probably be surprised at what you learn.

1. Sticking both knees out

If you typically sleep on your side in a half-fetal position with your knees bent out, you’re considered reliable and calm. You have a positive outlook on life, aren’t easily offended, and for the most part, you don’t experience fear. This shows you’re able to adjust to whatever life throws your way.

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2. Full fetal position

With this, you prefer to curl up tightly when sleeping. Since you have your body tucked in, you feel misunderstood. You also have the need to be protected and to have people sympathize with you. In this position, you’re creating a barrier to the outside world.

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3. Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach with all your limbs sticking out reveals you’re a natural leader. You’re the one who usually takes the initiative, you don’t like surprises, you prefer a more simplistic lifestyle, and you like to have order in your life, both personally and professionally. As someone who’s responsible and persistent, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

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4. Soldier at attention

This entails sleeping on your back but with both of your arms right at your side, as though you’re a soldier standing at attention. The revelation is that you’re well-adjusted. You know what you want out of life and always strive to achieve your goals. Also, the soldier at attention position shows you’re strict, and you demand a lot from other people although you’re the hardest on yourself.

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5. Flat on your back

This position shows that you have a strong personality. Sleeping flat on your back reveals that you love being the center of attention, enjoy being around family and friends, and you maintain a positive outlook. You also don’t lie and you persistently work through problems while maintaining a rational mindset. Poor sleep can lead to back and neck pain. If you’re a back sleeper you may want to consider using a pillow like the Dosaze pillow, specifically designed to give back sleepers the neck support they need.

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6. Heron with one bent knee

When sleeping like this, you look similar to a heron. While one leg is straight, the other one is bent. So, what does it mean? Well, you’re adventurous yet you like peace, stability, and thoroughness. But you also have quick mood changes that often confuse people around you. Lastly, you struggle to make decisions.

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7. On your side (with arms to your sides)

This sleeping position is how the term “sleeping like a log” was coined. What it shows about your personality is that you’re quite social, easy-going, and for the most part, a trusting individual, even with strangers. For that reason, you’re a little bit gullible. Side sleepers need to be sure they have great shoulder support while they sleep. If your pillow lacks shoulder support you may want to try the Dosaze pillow, which gives side sleepers the shoulder support they need by helping to maintain the natural curvature of your spine throughout the night for a better night of sleep.

8. Modified “sleeping like a log”

With this, you’d sleep on your side but instead of your arms by your sides, they’d be reaching out in front of your body. This gives the impression of you yearning for something. While open, you’re not gullible. And while it might take you longer to make a decision, once you do, you probably won’t change it.

9. Freestyle

When sleeping, people usually maintain much the same position. But for those between the ages of 35 and 44, they often freestyle. That means they don’t necessarily have a favorite position and as such, they incorporate several into their nighttime sleep pattern.

The bottom line

These aren’t just random thoughts but scientifically proven results. Keep in mind that if you sleep in several different positions as opposed to just one, you have a multifaceted personality. That’s not a bad thing. It simply shows that there are a lot of layers to your personality, probably something that you don’t even understand…yet.

Regardless of what sleeping position you choose, remember that keeping proper alignment of your spine is the most critical thing. When laying down, one should focus on aligning one’s ears, shoulders and hips.

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