Man Gets Perfect Revenge On Thief Stealing Packages From Stranger'S Homes In Broad Daylight

Man Gets Perfect Revenge On Thief Stealing Packages From Stranger'S Homes In Broad Daylight

If you have ever ordered items from online stores you have probably wondered where your package is. If you check the tracking, it says that the parcel was delivered, but you can’t seem to find it anywhere.

And, after doing some more research, you learn that it was stolen.

YouTube - MabeInAmerica Source: YouTube - MabeInAmerica

Tom Mabe realized that he had been missing a few packages from Amazon, and he decided that the situation needed to be thoroughly investigated. There’s also a funny term for people who steal packages, they are referred to as porch pirates.

Tom installed a security camera to see if his suspicions were correct.

There was no way that all of these packages had just mysteriously disappeared.

Tom actually makes YouTube videos for a living, and he planned out a devious plan to get revenge on the man who was stealing his valuable packages.

This porch pirate should have picked a different target because Tom specializes in pranking people for his YouTube channel .

YouTube - MabeInAmerica Source: YouTube - MabeInAmerica

Tom’s revenge video has gone viral.

The poor package thief had no clue what was coming! The video has been viewed over 14 million times. Tom opens his video by explaining the weird situation.

“You know I live in a pretty nice subdivision, but between me and my neighbor Bob, we’ve had no less than three or four UPS boxes and FedEx packages stolen from our front porch. Four days ago, I planted a bait box on my front porch.”

Wait, what is a “bait box”?

It’s just like when the police use a bait car to catch car thieves. Tom definitely isn’t a member of any law enforcement teams, but he still knows how to get back at a thief. He didn’t want to even “catch” the guy, he just wants to intimidate him a little. This special box has been rigged, and oh boy has it been rigged!

YouTube - MabeInAmerica Source: YouTube - MabeInAmerica

Tom and some friends engineered a small package with a completely harmless explosive device. The box itself is filled with some undesirable contents.

Specifically, the box is filled with fecal matter. Unfortunately for the porch pirate, he wasn’t about to steal an Amazon delivery, he was about to steal a box of poop!

He planted the fake package on his porch, and then the waiting began.

Tom has a motion-detection feature on his camera, and after a few days of waiting, the sensor triggers and Tom got a live feed of his home to view. He recorded the footage for future use.

YouTube - MabeInAmerica Source: YouTube - MabeInAmerica

After a few moments, a car pulls up to the front of his home, and the driver hops out and grabs the package. Neither Tom nor his wife recognize the man taking the package, but it’s pretty clear the man is comfortable. It was probably the same man that stole the other packages!

The man doesn’t even stop, just grabs the box, and sets it next to him in the car. Tom was too smart for this guy!

Tom programmed the bomb to detonate 40 seconds after being moved.

The box wasn’t going to explode on Tom’s porch, it was going to explode in the man’s car!

The next few moments were absolutely electric for Tom and his group of friends watching the camera. They were hoping that the explosion would happen so that they could see the wreckage.

YouTube - MabeInAmerica Source: YouTube - MabeInAmerica

The car begins to drive away and then makes a quick stop right before it leaves the camera’s view.

The “bait box” exploded and Tom and his friends thought it was absolutely hilarious!

The thief gets out of the car immediately. The guy is covered in poop and is in complete bewilderment trying to figure out what happened!

Tom and his friends were rolling on the floor with laughter and we would just like to say that it’s one of the most well-executed pranks we’ve ever seen!

YouTube - MabeInAmerica Source: YouTube - MabeInAmerica

There’s nothing better than sweet revenge!

Check out the whole story in the video below for a guaranteed laugh!

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