Man Walks Out During Interview Brother-In-Law Got Him, Then Asks For A Recommendation

Man Walks Out During Interview Brother-In-Law Got Him, Then Asks For A Recommendation

Even in the middle of a pandemic, a lot of companies are hiring. All people need to do is apply for a job. Sometimes, individuals learn about jobs on social media while other times, a close friend or family member helps them get an interview with a great company. A Redditor shared an incredulous story about his brother-in-law’s request for help.

Lending a hand

When a man was trying to find a job, his sister’s husband stepped up by getting him an interview. This guy was more than willing to help his brother-in-law secure a position, one that offered stability and good pay.

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Going above and beyond

Doing something like that was super nice. After all, some people worry that getting an interview for someone they know could backfire. Then again, if the job is a good fit, then everything works out just fine.

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This case backfired

This time things didn’t go as planned. After scheduling an interview for his brother-in-law, this man felt good. He anticipated a positive outcome. But that’s not what happened. This brother-in-law didn’t get the job. Not because he wasn’t qualified but due to what he did while there.

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When the brother-in-law didn’t like the position he was offered, he stood up and walked out of the interview. Seriously, he just left, which was incredibly rude.

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A slap in the face

Can you imagine doing something like? He disrespected the company and the person doing the interview along with his sister and her husband. But that’s not the worst part of the story. This brother-in-law did something even more ridiculous.

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His focus is off…

…way off. You see, the brother-in-law who walked out of the interview…he worked for a multinational company as a software engineer. But then roughly four years ago, he quit. Not to pursue a better job but because he wanted to spend more time focusing on his hobbies.

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That didn’t go very well

It only took a year before this guy realized his grand scheme wasn’t a good idea. So, with money running low, he knew he had to secure a job…fast forward to the day he walked out of the interview. But here’s the deal. It wasn’t just that he didn’t like the position offered but also that his sister’s husband would be his new boss.

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Incredibly ungrateful

The bottom line was this brother-in-law thought he was better than others. Following his outrageous stunt, he was bold enough to ask his wife and her husband for yet another recommendation. That’s right, he now wanted the husband, who’s also a software engineer, to put in a good word for him at a different company.

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“Absolutely not”

That was the response he got. The husband told his brother-in-law that he could apply for the job just like everyone else and if he got it…great. This guy wasn’t going to do anything that gave his brother-in-law an advantage because quite frankly, he didn’t deserve it.

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People were shocked

After the man posted the story on social media about what his brother-in-law did, people were quick to comment. One individual said this, “No. Hell no. That’s your reputation on the line.” And we have to agree.

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Along with jealously, this brother-in-law has an issue with greediness. This type of person feels they deserve coveted spots but without paying their dues. Ultimately, they do things at the expense of others without caring in the least. Kudos to this husband and wife for refusing to help further.


The original poster ended his note and people gave their appalled feedback in the comments. Check it out below.

I got a job interview for my wife’s brother but he walked out because he didn’t like the position offered. Now he wants my recommendation for another job. from r/ChoosingBeggars

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