Mom Asks 5-Yr-Old Daughter To Grab Mask To Go Shopping Cracking Up When She Sees Her Mask

Mom Asks 5-Yr-Old Daughter To Grab Mask To Go Shopping Cracking Up When She Sees Her Mask

Around the world, people are either asked or told to wear a mask. Although a lot of individuals find this annoying, it’s for their own good, as well as people they come into contact with. After all, cases of COVID-19 aren’t declining. So, everyone needs to do their part to prevent the spread of the virus.

Tough on kids

As adults, it’s easy to understand why social distancing and wearing a mask are so important. For kids, the situation is a little more delicate. Although even younger children do what they’re told, they don’t have a real concept of why. So, something funny is bound to happen.

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Following orders

One day, a mother by the name of Raena Granberry, told her five-year-old daughter Justice they were going to run an errand to Michaels for some decorations. But before they could leave, the girl needed to do one thing. That’s when her mom asked her to go get her mask.

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An innocent moment

In Raena’s mind, her daughter would get a mask and they’d leave. But then, her daughter came back. There she was, dressed in an adorable tutu with a Barbie doll in hand. And for the mask…she chose the one from The Mandalorian, which is Disney’s Star Wars series.

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So darn cute

To this little girl, the Mandalorian mask was awesome. Realizing that wasn’t going to work, her mom then asked her to wear a cloth mask as well. But not wanting to take the one she chose off, she ended up wearing both masks.

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Big Star Wars fans

Come to find out, the entire family loves anything Star Wars. And as for Justice, her all-time favorite character is Rey Skywalker. She loves this hero so much that she even dressed up as Rey for this past Halloween.

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Why Rey Skywalker?

When asked why Rey Skywalker was her favorite, Justice didn’t hesitate to explain. For one thing, “she has a lightsaber.” But there was something else. Justice added, “She has this little robe around her costume so it can protect her. And she lives in the wild.”

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A Tweet goes viral

The story of the mask was so funny and sweet the Raena decided to Tweet about it along with posting photos of Justice. It didn’t take long for people to retweet the story. So far, it’s received over 500,000 likes along with thousands of comments.

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It gets even better

But the coolest part was that one individual who read about Justice was Pedro Pascal, the actor who plays the main character in the Star Wars movie, The Mandalorian. How cool is that? In addition to that, Justice’s mask received another accolade.

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Another acknowledgement

This time, it was from Daniel Logan. Not only did he play Boba Fett, who was both the warrior and bounty hunter in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones but he was also the voice actor for the same character in the series, Clone Wars. As you can imagine, this five-year-old girl was over the moon.

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One proud mom

Currently, Raena works with the LA Department of Public Health on black maternal health. Having had problems during her pregnancies, this was a dream position. She also understands that the pandemic has been hard on everyone but she’s incredibly proud of how her kids have handled it.

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In response to Justice choosing her mask, Raena stated, “Let these kids be who they are. They’re gonna be that anyway, so the more you foster it and love them and let it be, the more awesome they get to be and shine for the world and make them happy.” She’s 100 percent right.

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