Mom With No Experience Tranforms 3-Bed Semi Into Stunning Dream Home

Mom With No Experience Tranforms 3-Bed Semi Into Stunning Dream Home

A mother from the UK with no remodeling experience transformed her house into the home of her dreams, and it took her less than two years to do it!

Instagram - home_at_242 Source: Instagram - home_at_242

Lyndsey Gynane, a 42-year-old mother of two, lives in Halewood, Liverpool with her partner.

The two have been sharing the home that they have beautifully renovated since 2018 when they bought the three-bedroom house for around 170 thousand pounds.

Lyndsey commented to the Liverpool Echo:

“When we came to view it we knew the potential. We wanted to make it all open and renovate each bedroom and make it into a family home. We’d not renovated before, it was our first time doing it but with the vision we had, we knew we could make it into more than a three-bed semi. People look at it on Instagram and think it’s half a million-pound house, but it’s not, it’s just a three-bed semi in Liverpool.”

Instagram - home_at_242 Source: Instagram - home_at_242

The changes are absolutely beautiful!

The house has been given an exquisite, modern makeover that started with its exterior. It has been re-painted with a bright white color palette. Their beautiful wooden front door matches the interior design. It is all-around an elegant renovation.

They also have a glass banister on the inside with carpet and some beautiful new white tiles.

Instagram - home_at_242 Source: Instagram - home_at_242

Lyndsey replaced the old fireplace with a new modern electric working fire. This new automatic fire completely changes the feel of the living room.

The open-plan kitchen has been refitted with new double-sliding doors. The bathroom has also received a makeover with the original bathroom being opened up into a large spa-style room. They achieved this look by knocking out one of the walls that divided the bathroom.

Instagram - home_at_242 Source: Instagram - home_at_242

People started to notice Lindsey’s creativity.

The stuff she was doing was just everyday stuff, or so Lindsey thought. But pretty soon she began to notice an increase in followers on Instagram.

Her page where she posted her little home improvements, Home at 242 , gained over 130,000 followers.

“It’s just gone crazy, it’s a little bit mental,” she relayed to the Liverpool Echo . “People are following to see how we’ve done it, what we’ve done and also for inspiration. I have documented it all to help other people as well with their renovations. Many tell me ‘I didn’t realize how you can transform an old house’, so I just give little bits of advice and stuff. While we have hired people to do the major renovations, I’ve done most of it myself, all the decor is done by me.”

Instagram - home_at_242 Source: Instagram - home_at_242

It does make sense that the makeover probably cost a pretty penny. So it’s not a straight £110,000 profit. Either way, what Lindsey has done is extremely impressive, as her followers are quick to point out. She is viewed by her them as pretty knowledgeable when it comes to DIY- and we would have to say that we totally agree!

So what has been her best, or most intriguing part of the whole renovation?

Instagram - home_at_242 Source: Instagram - home_at_242

In her interview with the Echo Lindsey said:

“Obviously the extension and open plan and bifolds – that’s the main feature, but the bathroom is a big thing for me, because the bathroom and how we transformed that… it’s like a little mini spa now. I love my baths, and it’s like my little sanctuary with the feel you get from it.”

Overall, the whole project is quite impressive. Have you ever seen anything like it? We sure haven’t!

If you do like what you see, don’t forget to visit her page and give her a follow to see more of her incredible work.

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