Mother Struggling To Build Her Family Becomes Pregnant With Quadruplets

Mother Struggling To Build Her Family Becomes Pregnant With Quadruplets

There’s no doubt that women are real-life superheroes. They have the ability to carry another human life inside of them for 9 months while also nurturing that same child once they’re delivered. Now as beautiful as it seems to feel the gift of life so closely, it’s not always the rainbows and butterflies you see in the movies.

The Journey Of Motherhood

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There can be plenty of complications along the way which can be terrifying for a mother-to-be. Parents Lindsay and Syman Hay have definitely felt a whirlwind of emotions while trying to become pregnant. When they finally were pregnant with their son Carson they couldn’t have been happier.

Three Musketeers

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But the Hays’ always knew they wanted a big family and siblings for little Carson to run around the backyard with. However, when Lindsay and Syman started to try and build their family tree things weren’t so easy. Lindsay had several miscarriages when a doctor told her she had “poor egg quality” and conceiving naturally would be near impossible.

Making The Impossible Possible

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WEEK 26 QUAD BUMPDATE! Except I’m actually 26+5 in this photo and sharing at the 27 week mark which you’ll also get an update on in a few days. If you want a sneak peek at what’s going on at week 27, have a look at my story. 🙈 But back to week 26, this was the week I found myself at the hospital for abdominal cramping that just turned out to be… Constipation. So there’s that. You’re welcome. At this point my body seems to be handling the pregnancy well aside from the 500 stretch marks that have appeared out of no where and increased pelvic pressure. There’s also the modest 49 pounds I’ve already gained or the fact that at 26+5 I’m measuring FIFTY WEEKS. Nbd. Babies are all looking great, developing on track, and baby d’s fluid that was once a bit excessive is now back in perfect range. Babies are all SUPER reactive and responsive to me poking at them. It’s truly incredible to feel 4 humans moving at one time. So grateful we have made it this far and am counting every single day as a major win. Trimester 3, I’m comin for ya. 💛 . . . . . #growbabiesgrow #quadruplets #quadmom #quadrupletsofinstagram #quadrupletpregnancy #highriskpregnancy #incompetentcervix #cerclage #emergencycerclage #preventativecerclage #higherordermultiples #rainbowbabies #hopeafterloss #wordsofaffirmation #bumpwatch #secondtrimester #pregnancyupdate #26weeks #26weekspregnant #stretchmarks #somanystretchmarks #viability #summerbabies #momofmultiples #momof5 #expecting #infertility #infertilityawareness #haysfordays #thehayquads

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This devastated the Hay’s but that didn’t mean they were going to give up on the family they wished to have. That’s when doctors recommended Lindsay should try an injectable hormone treatment Follistim before they went to In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF). Lindsay explained the process to Buzzfeed saying,

“The theory behind the drugs was that if I produced more than one egg per cycle, I’d catch a good one faster. We had to try this, plus timed intercourse six times, before moving on to IVF,”

Mom Strength

After the third round of injections, Lindsay was pregnant with not just 1 but 4 little baby Hays’! As excited as they wanted to be Lindsay and Syman were in complete shock. Lindsay spoke about their initial reactions to Buzzfeed saying,

“I was in a lot of denial because I was told I had poor egg quality, and I just couldn’t believe it. My husband was silent and white as a ghost,”

“I honestly didn’t think the pregnancy would progress, and prepared myself for miscarriage. There was just a lot of uncertainty, fear, and surprise.”

Baby Steps

The Hay’s took it day by day preparing for the worst which Lindsay described as the “miscarriage mindset”. When a woman goes through such an immense loss it’s something that cannot be erased, you just move forward. Lindsay shared her journey on Instagram describing all of the high and lows of carrying quadruplets.

Worth Every Bit

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Thankfully Lindsay and Syman welcomed their 4 beautiful babies into the world without any serious complications. The 4 Hay’s newborns stayed in the NICU for 7 weeks just to be safe but after that, they were ready to go on home.

Quadruple The Love

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The Hay’s family went from a family of 3 to a family of 7 real quick! Lindsay shared a before and after photo on Instagram showing her pregnant with the sweet quadruplets to when she’s holding all for of them in her arms.


The amazing photo displays how incredible the female body is to endure such a strenuous change while also bouncing right back into motherhood.

Congratulations to the Hay’s family!

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