National Champions Take Stage With Heart-Pounding Clog Routine

National Champions Take Stage With Heart-Pounding Clog Routine

Gather round you Clogging fanatics and watch something special. This is the Clogging Champions of America’s Showdown of Champions. And for those that don’t know … this is a big deal.

And who are we watching in this video? None other than the Overall National Champion Senior Team, that’s who. Sit back press play and just try and not tap your feet as Tap This! wins another trophy.

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The Clogging Champions of America was formed in 1997 to spread the good word about Clogging and bring dancers together to compete.

”The goal of CCA is to create an atmosphere of spirited and sportsmanlike competition, and to provide more opportunities for cloggers within the competitive and entertainment realms.”

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What your witnessing here is the Showdown of Champions. CCA describes the history of the event as follows …

“To recognize clogging’s brightest, CCA devised the Showdown of Champions, which brings together the winners from the best competitions in the country to compete under one roof.”

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CCA invites the top three teams or individuals from each category, who have placed in CCA competitions, to compete in the Showdown. It’s the granddaddy of all Clogging competitions.

Champion Cloggers from around the country compete with other winners to find out who is the true ultimate Clogging Champion.

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The competition is fierce, with feet of flames stomping in unison. Dancers are tuning up their clogs and limbering up backstage as each team has a chance to take the stage and give it their all.

And with this video, you get a chance to see the Ultimate Champions who won the Showdown in earlier.

First night in New York City. 🌟

Posted by TAP THIS on Friday, August 10, 2018

Tap This! is a four-time national championship clogging team from Lincoln, Nebraska. They love to blend different dance styles with clogging to deliver a high-energy performance every time.

Back in 2014 the team competed in the Showdown of Champions and went away with the trophy. This video is that performance.

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The synchronicity of movement, dancers in matching outfits, and joyful smiles bring this team to the forefront of the clogging world.

Watching them work the stage is pure joy.

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YouTubers are commenting on the blonde dancer second from right (That’s Morgan Mallum, who posted this video).

“Blonde Girl second from right always steals the show in every Video I watch this team. She’s Great!”

“2nd on the right gal is realllly good”

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Is anyone interested in the song that they are dancing to? It’s called “The Booze Cruise” by Blackjack Billy.

Like this dance team, this song is also something special. It was self-released and became the biggest-selling song on iTunes by any band without a major record deal.

Blackjack Billy sure knows how to bootstrap their own way onto the sonic charts.

Posted by TAP THIS on Thursday, April 18, 2019

Now you’ve seen the best of the best and you’re wondering if you could do what they do. Clogging is a national treasure that came from Appalachia and it is spreading across the country.

You might find a group of interested dancers in your neck of the woods. All you need is a good pair of clogging shoes and your set.

There are plenty of videos online to help perfect the dance moves. And once we get this vaccine working the pandemic will be over and the doors to competitive clogging will open again. So plan to attend an event.

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If you don’t have someone nearby who can enjoy this video with you, then send it off to the ones you know will love it.

Watch the National Champions below, they are awesome!

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