Neighbor Reports 90-Year-Old'S Dirty Yard And Doesn'T Lift A Finger To Help

Neighbor Reports 90-Year-Old'S Dirty Yard And Doesn'T Lift A Finger To Help

You’ve seen the effects of hoarding and it can get pretty bad. Sometimes the neighborhood will even get involved if they see something they don’t like. Unfortunately for this little old lady, her HOA was trying to push her out. Source:

The problem.

Agnes Maples is a 90-year-old woman who had a family that used her home as a dumping ground, There was trash, tools, sheds, trailers, and machines laying all around her small property. It was a huge eyesore and the city noticed. They threatened her with a $2,500 fine if the mess wasn’t cleaned up. Source:

Agnes is 90 years old! There was no way that she was going to tackle this task on her own. Almost hopeless, the little old woman turned to Operation Blessing, a non-profit that assists in disaster relief and helping people in need. Source:

The solution.

Operation Blessing showed up and immediately got to work. They threw away the garbage. They tore down structures. They took the dump that had been Agnes’s property and turned it into a yard again. The crew even fixed her failing roof that had leaks and was failing at keeping critters out at night. The transformation was incredible. Source:

“They’re angels. They came in and cleaned out all the stuff, tore the sheds down, and tore the trailer down, and had taken everything out.” Agnes said of the incredible group. Source:

The nearby University even threw in some volunteers to help tackle the rest of the project.

But wait… there’s more!

Not only did they help in the cleanup in the shed and garbage, they built her a path to her backyard. The group even threw in a small landscaping project to beautify the side of her house. Source:

Agnes was beyond grateful for her new flower bed and her unrecognizable backyard but these loving volunteers had one more surprise up their sleeve for Agnes.

They asked Agnes if there was anything else she needed and she didn’t hesitate when she said she needed an air conditioner, more than anything she said. She thought it was a tall order, but at the end of the day the group had one last surprise for her- a brand new air conditioner for her bedroom. Source:

Anges was so thrilled she practically screamed with delight when they opened the box for her. “They’re all my little angels.” she said of her crew, and she loves every one of them who cleaned that day. Check out the video to see the full renovation of Agnes’s yard and the people who made her dreams come true!

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