Neighborhood Feud Won With Concrete Revenge-Wall

Neighborhood Feud Won With Concrete Revenge-Wall

If you’ve never experienced a bit of neighborhood pettiness in any place you’ve lived, count yourself lucky!

Most of us have had to deal with a nightmare neighbor once or twice in our lives, and it’s a much-needed reminder that not everyone is as nice as they act in public.

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If your neighbors from hell don’t want to reason with you, it might be tempting to pack up and move to another town.

But why should you be the one who has to make the move? Surely it should be the neighbors who move – preferably to another planet.

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One family was dealing with their own nightmare neighbor issues, and they decided to take the situation into their own hands.

Based in a country in Central Europe, the family had been having some issues with neighbors driving into their fence – then refusing to pay for a new one.

The family was so fed up with having to install a new fence that they decided there was only one thing for it: revenge!

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The story of the family’s revenge was shared by Reddit user MihaM12, who posted on the subreddit r/ProRevenge, explaining how he and his family gave his neighbors exactly what they deserved.

His story began:

“We live in a small private neighborhood, the neighbors are related to us more or less (distant relatives). Everybody here is a complete nutjob. They were constantly arguing over decades before me or my brother were even born.”

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MihaM12 went on to explain that their property lines are “kinda like a square”, surrounded by road from two sides.

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Crucially, his family allowed their neighbors to use a square meter of their land so that they could use the dirt road safely, without damaging his property.

The story continued:

“This road is made of gravel. The neighbors want my parents and only my parents to pay for the entire cost to lay an asphalt road. My dad and my mother are constantly fixing potholes for 90% of the road, so naturally, our neighbors thought that they will pay for the asphalt road. Classic r/choosingbeggars”

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Obviously, this isn’t a fair solution for anyone, and MihaM12’s parents reduced to pay for the asphalt road. So did all the other neighbors.

MihaM12 continued:

“One day my neighbors order a massive truck filled with tons of wood. The truck driver runs over our fence. Nobody wanted to pay for the property damage that was caused.”

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His family had to replace the fence and the plants that surrounded it, and MihaM12’s dad told him that this had happened three times now.

With his dad being a police officer, he knew the law well.

He dug up the property line marker and placed plastic barrels filled with rocks on the family’s property.

And what do you know – in the next 6 hours, 3 of our neighbors came knocking on the door because they’d hit the plastic barrels filled with rocks.

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Though the neighbors were angry, they couldn’t take legal action, because they knew that land was still their property.

MihaM12’s story continued:

“Over the period of 1 year, these neighbors hit the barrels so much with their cars that the barrels are now worthless.”

“My dad was furious and he changed his petty revenge into a pro-revenge. He cut some wood to use it as a mold. He bought cement, sand and metal poles. One peaceful afternoon my father and I cemented that whole part of the land and placed some lovely flowers on top. So when they hit the concrete they can smell our flowers of victory/defeat.”

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As MihaM12 and his dad expected, a total of 5 neighbors wrecked their cars on the new fence, but nobody came knocking. They finally had revenge!

One battle was finally won by Miha12’s family, but there were still many more to come.

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He shared another story about a court dispute his dad had with a neighbor, unrelated to his road, which his dad won.

His neighborhood sounds like a nightmare place to live! Would you fight back like this family, or would you move out for the sake of your well-being?

You can see the original post on Reddit here .

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