Officer Hilariously Loses Battle Against Fallen Tree Limb

Officer Hilariously Loses Battle Against Fallen Tree Limb

Have you ever been so certain that you can do something that you don’t even stop to consider the potential safety concerns first?

Sometimes being overly confident has its downsides, as one officer discovered when he tried to take on a fallen tree limb.

The unnamed officer had been called to the fallen branch at the side of the road in Edmond, Oklahoma.

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The area has seen a bout of rainstorms recently that has caused a manageable amount of chaos, which officers have been trying to rectify.

As if this year hasn’t been crazy enough already, Oklahoma’s storms have left thousands of people without power, with long-time residents saying they’ve never seen anything so bad.

But the cops made sure their presence was known, though in this officer’s case, it was not how he’d intended.

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In a post shared to Facebook by the Edmond Police Department, a video showed the consequences of this police officer attempting to clear a fallen branch from the road.

The video was captioned “Tree Limb: 1, Edmond Officer: 0” and continued:

“It’s been a rough few days for our state, and we thought you could use a laugh! Don’t worry…Other than his pride, our officer is not seriously injured! #okwx”

In the clip, the officer can be seen pulling at a branch of the fallen tree limb, trying to move the whole thing onto a grassy verge.

But instead of moving the entire limb, the officer simply manages to snap part of the branch clean off.

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This catches him completely off-guard, and he tumbles backward, pedaling his legs like a cartoon character before succumbing to gravity and face-planting the downward grassy slope behind him.

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The officer in the car that has the dashcam lets out an amused laugh, while the poor officer stumbles to his feet like a wounded soldier.

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There’s clearly a good relationship with the pair – if you weren’t good friends, you probably couldn’t get away with laughing at a fellow officer for such an embarrassing stunt!

It doesn’t take long before another cop car pulls up, and a grinning officer climbs out to help.

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Miraculously, despite his wounded pride, the fallen officer goes straight back to work with the tree branch. Hopefully he’s learned from his mistakes, and he’ll grab the tree lower down this time!

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As if the video wasn’t amusing enough, the Facebook community took to the comments and did what they do best: puns.

One person wrote:

“Arrest that tree!! But seriously it’s nice to see police officers going out on a limb. He is a credit to his branch.”

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Even better, a woman who seems to be the officer’s wife shared the post , writing:

“As a gymnastics coach, I guess I need to teach him to tuck and roll. 🤸🏻‍♂️ #officerfunhater”

Everyone told her that the post was worth sending off to America’s Funniest Home Videos, which would at least reward them with a bit of money for her husband’s embarrassment.

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What’s for sure, in this officer vs tree fight, it’s quite clear who came out the winner!

If you need a laugh today, this video is guaranteed to do it. You can watch it below – just scroll down and click play. Don’t forget to tag your friends!

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