Onlookers Hold Their Breath Watching Man With One Leg Rescue A Driver From A Sinking Car

Onlookers Hold Their Breath Watching Man With One Leg Rescue A Driver From A Sinking Car

Only a few moments can make a difference between life and death. For people who find themselves in mortal danger, every second is of vital importance.

The 29-year-old lifeguard, Anthony Capuano witnessed a life-threatening situation when an SUV slid into the water off a park in Hudson County, New Jersey. Anthony’s prompt reaction and bravery prevented a tragedy and saved the driver’s life!

Anthony could not afford to lose a single second if he was to rescue the driver from a watery grave

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As the vehicle kept sinking, the onlookers gathered to witness the dramatic scene, many of them fearing the worst.

“The guy has to get help soon!” one bystander shouted in panic.

Fortunately, Anthony, a certified lifeguard, reacted quickly and jumped over the fence to save the driver trapped inside the sinking car.

Before he did it, Anthony first removed his leg

Yes, you read that correctly! Anthony has a prosthetic leg but that would not hinder him from rescuing the driver, making his act of heroism even more inspiring. His disability did not affect his determination to save lives. Anthony knew full well that there was no time to waste!

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It took him seconds to make it to the vehicle where he saw that the driver inside was beginning to lose hope, overcome by panic.

‘He was, like, I can’t, and I said, oh no, and I just grabbed him,” the hero said afterward.

Anthony pulled the driver out of the car and brought him back to shore

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Others stood by, prepared to help, as Anthony pulled the helpless driver out of the car and safely brought him back to the shore. The rescue crews were there as well, but Anthony was faster and the crisis had already been resolved by the time they arrived at the scene.

The driver was not injured, thanks to Anthony’s efforts. People assembled on the shore lauded Anthony and the other man who had jumped into the water as heroes for rescuing the driver from certain death.

Everyone was proud of Anthony for his heroic gesture, including his boss

“The fact that one of our instructors does what we preach and what we stand for on a daily basis in such a heroic matter it’s unbelievable. I’m so proud of him,” said Robert Staph from British Swim School.

Bystanders who witnessed the rescue were equally amazed by the heroic gesture. They could not hold back their emotions, greatly relieved that Anthony was there to save the day and prevent a tragedy.

“We were amazed that this man, Anthony, was the one that went in there,” a witness told the media. “And we learned that Anthony has one leg missing … His physical condition did not stop him.”

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The hero had an important message for his fellow amputees

It’s very important for people with disabilities to remain a functional part of society and contribute to their communities. Despite all the difficulties they face in their daily lives, they still have so much to offer.

“For my fellow amputees out there, I will just say don’t let anything stop you,” Anthony said.

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We can only admire Anthony’s bravery and his willingness to keep doing what he has been trained to do, despite his disability. His courage, commitment, and resilience should serve as an example to others never to give up.

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