Pianist Turns A Hard Rock Song Into Hauntingly Beautiful Ballad

Pianist Turns A Hard Rock Song Into Hauntingly Beautiful Ballad

If you already heard the song Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, you know how intense it is. It’s subtle on the first few notes but when the vocalist starts to sing, that’s when the intensity begins.

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This 1992 hit song just has that impact on listeners from its lyrics up to its tune. No wonder why many people already made their own covers of this remarkable song.

Of course, people have different tastes in music.

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So if you’re looking for a subtle version of this song, we found the best piano rendition. It’s a pure piano version which is calm and relaxing.

It’s by a great pianist – William Joseph.

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Good thing he shared the video of his rendition on YouTube . Aside from the lovely music, the quality of the video is superb too.

He used different settings to show how he amazingly plays the piano.

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From a dark room, the scenery changes to a grassy field.

YouTube/WilliamJosephTV Source: YouTube/WilliamJosephTV

It’s like he’s taking us to different places with his celestial music. To see a man playing the piano on the field is just unique and incredible.

The title of the video reads, “ William Joseph feels the Rain ” – that’s why there’s also a scene where William was playing the piano passionately while letting the rain pour down on him.

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Apart from the wonderful music, you will also feel William’s passion for playing the piano.

Apparently, many people also noticed this, too. Most of them could feel every note that he plays.

“The only way I can describe this piece of music is I feel every note heart beat, alive,” one commenter wrote.

YouTube/WilliamJosephTV Source: YouTube/WilliamJosephTV

Another commenter praised William’s arrangement of Metallica’s hit and William happily replied to it.

The commenter wrote:

“I can only imagine that this is exactly the sound Metallica was looking for originally when they were going to play it by piano instead of rock and roll you sir have outdone yourself take a bow.”

William reacted and shared how he loves the song so much. He revealed that this exact arrangement had been playing in his head and he’s happy that he was able to flawlessly do it.

This American pianist and recording artist from Phoenix, Arizona, is truly a talented man ever since he was young.

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William Joseph Schwartz III bagged a full music scholarship when he was just eight. And you know what? He was the first teacher hired by Piano Warehouse in Arizona.

So aside from his talent, his experiences in making music appear on his rendition.

Aside from that, the views that his video has gained is vastly impressive. As of this writing, it has been viewed over 31 million times. That’s beyond whopping!

It’s just amazing to see that a notable song like Nothing Else Matters is being revived by great musicians like William.

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Aside from his solo covers, William also has numerous covers where he collaborated with other musicians like Caroline Campbell. They have renditions of different songs like My Heart Will Go on by Celine Dion and Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri.

Watch the video down below and have fun listening to this amazing rendition of Metallica’s song!

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Source: YouTube/Metallica , YouTube/WilliamJosephTV , Instagram/williamjosephmusic

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