Scottish Figure Skaters Smash Routine With Dizzying Moves

Scottish Figure Skaters Smash Routine With Dizzying Moves

Figure skating is pretty amazing to watch.

It’s fast-paced, technical, and extremely difficult to do.

For one brother and sister, the ability to leave crowds stunned by their incredible skating routines is nothing new.

Their names are Sinead and John Kerr and they are one of the best sibling duos in the sport.

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In the video below, you can watch as the pair competes in the World Figure Skating Championship.

They chose to represent their Scottish heritage and dress in matching kilts.

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As they skate out onto the ice, the crowd lets them hear their excitement.

Sinead and John make a few laps around the center of the rink, waving and mentally preparing for their routine.

Then the two meet in the middle and get into their starting poses.

They are looking down at the ice, no doubt feeling the anticipation of their big moment.

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The music starts and the two remain where they are for a moment, still staring at the ice.

The music has a Scottish sound to it, coming in soft with the fiddle and a bagpipe.

John raises his head and smiles at his sister, their routine is about to begin and they look ready.

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They start with a simple, but fun-looking move, where they skate towards each other, lock skates and then pull each other back to where they started.

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Then the two of them start to spin in circles, moving around the ice, skating to the sounds of the bagpipe.

They meet again in the middle and do a sort of dance on ice.

It looks like moves you would see on a dance floor, with pirouettes and spins.

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Then they lock their bodies together and begin to crouch and spin, picking up more speed with every rotation.

The crowd likes what they see and begin to cheer for the siblings.

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They finish their move and transition into skating all around the ice.

As they do this, they begin to pick up speed prepare for their most challenging move yet.

The pair rounds a turn and Sinead flips over John’s leg as he grabs onto her hands.

She ends up hanging from him, face down, as John throws his hands up into the air.

They continue to slide across the ice and the crowd lets them hear it.

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Then they move right into another awesome move.

John crouches down and lays Sinead back over his leg, her body hovering just a foot above the ice.

They glide across the ice like this, Sinead’s body fulling outstretched.

The crowd gets louder than before, letting the siblings know just how amazing they are.

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From there, they move into a sort of free dance, spinning and jumping to the beat of the song.

The music changes and the two begin to do a little Scottish jig right there on the ice.

It’s pretty impressive considering that most people wouldn’t even be able to do it on solid ground.

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They slide into their final move, with John spinning around in circles with Sinead in his arms.

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The two siblings finish in the middle of the ice, holding hands and looking to the sky.

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