Stray Dogs Run To River And Protect Blind Elderly Woman Sleeping On The Banks

Stray Dogs Run To River And Protect Blind Elderly Woman Sleeping On The Banks

Dogs are often symbolized as guardians or protectors. In exchange for food, shelter, and affection, these creatures will not fail to do their jobs.

There are tons of stories about dogs showing loyalty toward their owners. In some cultures, dogs are treated as spiritual guardians, and they have built statues on them on several shrines.

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In real life, they are definitely the same

Myths aside, canines were adept guards even before they were domesticated. Wolves travel in pack with the alphas protecting the rear and front, while the cubs, females, and the weakest members are in the middle. Nowadays, dogs have been our home protectors. They bark intruders away, keeping the family safe.

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The reason why they do it is simple.

Dogs are simple creatures, and you could gain their trust and loyalty as long as you show them that you’re not a threat and you provide them with even a piece of food. This means that they’re motivated to guard you because they see you as an important source of anything that is necessary for their survival. Well, they deserve a pat on the head for a job well done.

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This story will show you on how their reputation as guardians fit them really well:

Two dogs were seen beside an old lady by the river.

Two dogs were spotted by a riverbank in Nepal guarding what seems to be an old lady. One passerby who noticed immediately took photos and shared them on the internet. The photographs took Facebook by storm, garnering comments and reactions over the world.

It happened when Ake Srisuwan was strolling near the river on March 3, 2020. Then, he noticed a figure of a dog sitting by a passed out person. At a closer look, he found two dogs, and the unconscious person was an old woman. The scenario was easy to be misinterpreted as Srisuwan first thought that the dogs were ganging up on the poor woman.

Ake Srisuwan via Facebook Source: Ake Srisuwan via Facebook

It seems that the situation was not what he expected.

Srisuwan took his camera and immediately took some shots of the area. He tried zooming in, and that was when he realized that the dogs weren’t actually attacking her but stood guard for her instead. He was moved by the dogs’ actions and then decided to share the photographs on Facebook. It was shown that the old woman was lying asleep on the muddy riverside while the dogs were positioned to protect her.

Ake Srisuwan via Facebook Source: Ake Srisuwan via Facebook

People felt sorry for the woman lying on the mud, and some were brainstorming and arguing about how to help her.

Luckily, help came quickly.

The authorities in Nepal noticed Srisuwan’s Facebook post after it flooded with plenty of reactions and shares on the internet. They immediately took action by searching for the woman and her possible canine companions that were shown in the photographs. They found out that the woman was blind and was accompanied by these kind dogs. The reason why she ended up passed out on the river was unclear.

Ake Srisuwan via Facebook Source: Ake Srisuwan via Facebook

Gladly for them, the woman and her dogs received proper treatment from the hospital. Furthermore, Nepal News reported about their story on TV.

We’ll always have a great night’s sleep with our dogs.

With our canine companions at our side, we’d always have the soundest sleep at night. Asides from them protecting us at home, you could cuddle and play with them, making everyone in the family happy.

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They certainly are our best friends; best friends who are infinitely loyal to us.

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