Teen Ballerina Boldly Defies 'Dancer Body' Stereotypes And It'S A Beautiful Thing

Teen Ballerina Boldly Defies 'Dancer Body' Stereotypes And It'S A Beautiful Thing

Dream chasin’

Picture a ballerina in your mind right now. You probably have a pretty distinct picture in your head. Your image probably doesn’t look like Lizzy Howell, but after reading this, it might change your outlook on who a ballerina is.

Instagram - Lizzy Howell Source: Instagram - Lizzy Howell

Lizzy is breaking down the stereotypes of the ballerina world and pushing what she can do in the area of dance with how she is as a person.

At 19-years-old, the girl from Delaware has been dancing since she was just five years old.

She has performed at some incredible venues, including Eurovision 2019 . Lizzy has won awards, scholarships, and practices more than four hours a day on her craft. She’s a focused young lady, to say the least.

Instagram - Lizzy Howell Source: Instagram - Lizzy Howell

Lizzy the Unstoppable

Jordan Matter Photography published a documentary video on Facebook about Lizzy. It’s part of the photographer’s “Unstoppable” series that has impacted thousands of people on social media.

The documentary showcases Lizzy’s incredible moves and details her life story as well. Howell lost her mother in a car accident when she was young. The girl has experienced hate comments and bullying from people inside and outside the community based on her appearance.

Howell has been raised by her aunt, a supportive woman who is always pushing Lizzy to meet her goals and grow every single day.

Here is the first video that Lizzy went viral on:

“I don’t think it’s right for people to judge off of one thing,” Howell says.

That’s true, too- people shouldn’t be judged just by one part of their life. Rather, we should look at the whole of their life before coming to conclusions about them as a person.

She takes on the critics with a smile

Instagram - Lizzy Howell Source: Instagram - Lizzy Howell

Lizzy talks about how she has been bullied since she was six in the dance community.

It happens at dance conventions and she’s accustomed to it at this point. People are always talking about her and pointing, but her success and her supportive group of family and friends keep her going.

“Most dancers are skinny, and I’m not,” Howell mentions. “I think a lot of people can relate to me in that sort of way. They see me as an inspiration because I’ve been told to quit dance multiple times and I haven’t. Dance is what I love and it’s everything to me,” she says. “So I think that just keeps me going.”

Lizzy has something for anyone who might say hurtful things on the internet:

“Whatever you say on social media is going to be seen by somebody and it could hurt their feelings. You know, you can’t just say something that you think is funny but it might affect somebody else’s feelings. I’m a very sensitive person, so I take everything to heart. There’s a bunch of people that are like me that take it the same way.”

Dance is therapy to Lizzy

She feels peace and joy when she’s on the floor doing what she loves. People who are using her body size to shame her are simply jerks and negative people who haven’t experienced success for themselves. That’s why they throw hate her way.

Lizzy has created an incredible life and has trained her body to do things that most people in the world simply cannot do. The hate surrounding her is disappointing and completely evil.

Still killing the game

A few years have passed since Howell was interviewed for the “Unstoppable” video, and she’s still showing that she truly is unstoppable. She now has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram and regularly posts videos of her dancing in the studio.

It’s been a while since the Unstoppable docu-series aired but Lizzy hasn’t stopped the grind. She is an inspiration to all of us to follow our dreams, no matter the cost.

Instagram - Lizzy Howell Source: Instagram - Lizzy Howell

Thank you for showing us what bucking the status quo looks like, Lizzy! Keep being bold, dancing beautifully, and showing the haters you won’t let them stop you.

Lizzy, if we could write you a message we would just say thank you. Thanks for breaking the status quo, and showing all of us not to let people stop us from reaching our dreams. You are a shining light in a desperate world, and your example will surely impact the next generation of dancers.

Check out one of her most popular YouTube videos below!

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