Teen Boys Perform "Beach Ball" Dance – Take Talent Show To Hilarious Level

Teen Boys Perform "Beach Ball" Dance – Take Talent Show To Hilarious Level

When you’re a teenager, you’ll do a lot of silly things. Fortunately, you’re not alone. In fact, your parents have probably done some embarrassing things that now cause them to cringe but others find hilarious.

The difference is that they probably didn’t leave behind much, or any, physical evidence.

Our generation, however, is full of camera fanatics so pretty much any and everything we do leaves some sort of trail.

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Two teens from British Columbia will have some very interesting memories to look back on and maybe even show their own kids down the line.

Their high school, JL Crowe Secondary School, puts on an annual variety show that allows students at the high school to showcase their unique talents.

In 2015, Nolan and Jayden got together to perform a comedy act wearing nothing but tutus, headbands, and knee-high colorful socks.

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Oh, and did we mention that there is a beach ball involved?

The teen’s goal was for the ball to not touch the floor and they would attempt this by using nothing but their bodies.

It might sound silly but it sure did have an effect on the audience. Throughout, laughter and applause came from the crowd as the teens put their talent on full display.

As soon as the boys walked onto the stage, the audience seemed to get a kick out of their attire. Of course, the boys couldn’t keep a straight face for long. They were well aware of how silly they appeared which only made things funnier.

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After the boys composed themselves for their routine, Bonnie Tyler’s, “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” began to blare through the speakers.

The ballerinas start off by walking circles around each other, staring intensely into the other’s eyes. Then, they each perform a synchronized mini dance routine.

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Next, they slowly walk towards one another and place the ball between their chests. When they look at the audience to show how silly they feel, the audience can’t help but laugh.

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Suddenly, they begin to roll the ball between them using their arms. The catch is that they are each equally responsible for keeping the ball from falling to the floor.

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Talk about pressure!

With outstretched arms, they cross each other’s paths, keeping the ball in between them. This, of course, makes it more difficult to not drop the ball since movement is added.

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They then roll the ball around their hands and then behind their backs.

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After the boys take each other’s hands and dance around the stage, they decide to take things a step further.

With the ball in between their chests again, one of the boys takes a deep breath as if to compose himself. Undoubtedly, things will grow more intense and interesting with their next stunt.

The teen who took the deep breath then attempts to take the ball between the legs of his partner using nothing but his chest and head.

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We can see why composure was needed — it’s looks difficult to achieve.

Clearly, it is because they attempt the move twice and fail each time.

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But they succeed where it counts and that’s to get the audience laughing and cheering. The routine is funny, entertaining, and courageous. They’ll definitely have something to look back on to both smile and get embarrassed by.

https://youtu.be/TumB5AUJSUA YouTube Source: YouTube

You can watch their silly routine below!

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