The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Cooking Bacon

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Cooking Bacon

Attention bacon lovers! You may think you know all there is to know about cooking bacon, but this video may open up the door to new possibilities. Mashed has created a guide to cooking bacon that will leave your mouth watering and give your next bacon breakfast session a five-star review.

Let’s not waste any time and get to the tips and tricks.

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In a hurry, you heat up the pan, then go to the fridge for the bacon. Putting the cold bacon in a hot pan might seem like the way to go, but the fat in the bacon will not get your taste buds jumping if it goes from cold to hot too fast.

The solution is to put your cold bacon in a cold pan and then put it on a low burner bringing up the heat slowly. That way the fat warms up and renders out properly.

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It’s all about the pan. Hands down the best pan for cooking bacon to perfection is the cast iron skillet. The old standby has a thick bottom that conducts heat evenly. You won’t be getting those burnt edges like you do with an aluminum pan.

And as a bonus, the bacon grease will season your pan.

Wikipedia says, “Heavy-duty cookware made of cast iron is valued for its heat retention, durability, ability to be used at very high temperatures, and non-stick cooking when properly seasoned.”

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For those who want to take their bacon to the next level, have you thought of using water?

Water might be the secret ingredient we’ve all been looking for. Pouring water in your pan and turning the heat up high will give you plump and crisp bacon that’s not tough or brittle. The water keeps your bacon from drying out while cooking.

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Ever thought about not using the stovetop at all? Line up your bacon on a rimmed baking sheet and place it in the oven.

You’ll be able to set it and forget it, as the bacon doesn’t need to be flipped. From what we hear, the bacon is so impressive when cooked with this method.

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Get yourself a bacon press. When using a cast iron skillet you can use a cast iron bacon press to aid in making your bacon really sizzle.

This technique brings every ripple, nook, and cranny into contact with the cast iron. That’s gonna cook all those wavy parts evenly with the rest of the cut of bacon. Without a bacon press, the wavy parts are cooked with steam which doesn’t give you the crisp we’re all looking for.

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Speaking of steam, are you cramping your bacon’s style? Giving your bacon enough room to breathe in the pan will give the fat the opportunity to render and crisp up.

Cooking too many strips in a crowded pan will only lead to more steam-cooked strips.

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The Royals have a special technique that was brought back from Disney World. Prince Harry had to explain to his skeptical chef the special technique that is now the staple recipe for the Royal Palace.

The technique is to broil it and finish it in the microwave. Even, crispy bacon every “royal” time.

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If you’re going to bake your bacon, then have you thought about flavoring it in the process? After the bacon cooks for a bit, you drain off the bacon grease and then sprinkle on some seasoning.

They suggest maple syrup and chipotle powder. Wowsers that sounds good. Pearl Vaj from Pixabay Source: Pearl Vaj from Pixabay

YouTubers are putting up their own special bacon cooking advice…

“The biggest mistake is not cooking enough.”

“Best tip ever: Never cook bacon naked.”

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This is only a taste of the options, tips, and tricks that this video shows. So make sure to watch for more ideas you might not have even heard of.

And pass this along to your fellow bacon aficionados, who appreciate a good crisp piece of bacon.

Learn the helpful tips and tricks about cooking bacon in the video below!

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