Tiny Pup Chases Police Officer Down Road And Asks To Be Adopted

Tiny Pup Chases Police Officer Down Road And Asks To Be Adopted

Being a police officer means never quite knowing what’s going to be in store for you that day, but among the hard times there are plenty of positive experiences.

Officers Mercado and Tavera of the LAPD Hollywood division were out on patrol one day in October 2019 when they suddenly realized that they were being chased. But this was no cause for panic, as it was actually a tiny little chocolate coloured pup who was in hot pursuit of them.

Screenshot via @LAPDHollywood/Twitter Source: Screenshot via @LAPDHollywood/Twitter

The puppy had seemingly been abandoned, and first gave chase on Hobart Boulevard. It was if he sensed that the officers would be able to help them, and was determined to follow them around until they decided to do something about it.

Screenshot via @LAPDHollywood/Twitter Source: Screenshot via @LAPDHollywood/Twitter

It didn’t take long for Mercado and Tavera to pay attention to the persistent pup. They decided that the best thing to do would be to scoop him up and take him to the station.

Once he was safe, they decided to name him “Hobart” after the street they originally found him on.

It was unusual for such a tiny puppy to be seen out on the streets by itself, so the officers first decided to check if there was the possibility that he might have escaped from someone’s home.

They needed to check whether there was an owner out there looking for him, or whether he had simply been abandoned.

Hobart became an instant fan of Officer Mercado — as did many of the commenters who saw the LAPD’s Twitter post about the sweet gesture.

People were curious to see who the puppy would end up with, and although LAPD initially took him to a rehoming shelter, it seemed that (much to everyone’s delight), officer Mercado had developed a soft spot for Hobart and decided to adopt him for himself.

And that’s not the end of the story! The shelter provided Hobart’s (and officer Mercado’s) fans with a highly-requested pupdate, and you can already see just how much the sweet pup has grown!

“Update on Hobart (GRFF name Fidzgit) he’s the most loving and lively puppy. He loves all of his puppy cousins and will chew on his toys for hours. He’s still learning potty training and loves the outdoors/play time in the grass!” reported his dad.

Just look at that happy little face — and those giant ears!

Hobart and his owner spend their days cuddling together, and it’s clear that the pup will forever be grateful for the officer who saved him from a life on the streets.

Being the dog of a police officer, many people suggested that Hobart could join the division’s K-9 unit, so that he could spend more time with his doting owner. But sadly, he’s much too small for that kind of job!

We’re pretty sure he’s perfectly happy with how things are right now, though. Watch the sweet moment that the officers noticed Hobart following them below.

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Source: @LAPDHollywood via Twitter , ABC7 News , LAPD Hollywood Division via Facebook

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