Two Groomsmen Crash 1St Look And Hilarity Ensues

Two Groomsmen Crash 1St Look And Hilarity Ensues

Weddings are magical events that leave a lasting impression on your life. There are plenty of special moments throughout the day, like when you walk down the aisle, say your vows and place the rings on each other’s fingers.

And one of the most cherished moments in the day is when the groom gets his first glimpse of his bride. Bridegrooms can enforce very strict rules in order to keep the groom’s eyes off the bride until that special moment when she appears and begins her walk down the aisle.

Sometimes Groomsmen have different ideas about that special moment. And this video captures a moment that is hilarious.

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Imagine you are primed for your wedding day. You have your tuxedo fitted and you’re in the best shape of your life.

Your tuxedo cuts the perfect line making you shine like a new penny. And now is the moment you get to see your bride. Maria Lindsey Multimedia Creator from Pexels Source: Maria Lindsey Multimedia Creator from Pexels lists the “first look” as one of the 15 great moments not to miss on your wedding day. The groomsmen have another idea to add to the list. We’re pretty sure their hijinks will not end up in the magazine.

She has primped and preened all morning long. Getting her makeup and hair done up in style.

She’s not only been making sure things are running smoothly for the event but also getting herself in the most beautiful white wedding dress you’ve ever seen. Pixabay from Pexels Source: Pixabay from Pexels

In this video, the Groomsmen have a hilarious prank set up for the groom. The cameras are rolling as the groom waits for his bride to descend the grand staircase.

This is a moment that will go down in their history as the two star-crossed lovers’ eyes meet right before the vows. But this is most likely not in the way the groom has imagine it.

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As he waits patiently, he can’t keep his love from beaming.

His face is flush with anticipation. The moment he’s been waiting his whole life for is about to unfold.

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At first glance, things look a little off. As two ladies make their way down the stairs. Maybe the bride was in a hustle and didn’t have the full time to prepare and get made up.

Maybe she forgot her razor when she left this morning. But no bother, these two romantic partners can get through any rough seas.

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And as the bride makes her way down the stairs, well actually there are two ladies in wedding dresses, so maybe this is one of those new types of marriages, or does he get to pick one?

On closer inspection, the brides are not just a little off, but there’s something completely off here.

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Sneaking up behind the groom are two Groomsmen who have changed out of their tuxedos and put on different outfits entirely. It looks like the Groomsmen have stolen the bride’s wedding gown and possibly used a crowbar to wedge themselves into the lacy white dress.

The groom is still unaware of the train wreck behind him. His dreamy eyes are on the staircase, awaiting his beautiful bride in her moment.

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He doesn’t know, but this is the furthest from her moment you can get.

Then that magic moment arrives. The Groomsmen tap the groom on the shoulder and the surprise and laughter that burst forth will go down in this wedding’s history books.

It’s possibly one of the funniest wedding gags that you’ll ever see. Watching these great friends laugh together is classic.

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YouTubers are commenting on the priceless hilarity…

“The funniest part about this is that they couldn’t decide who would do it so they both did lol”


“That will forever be burned into his mind lol”

Send this along to those you know will get a chuckle out of it. It might give those groomsmen to be an idea for pranking the groom.

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This one’s sure to give everyone a much-needed belly laugh. Watch below!

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