Woman Gives Away Useful Tip To Looking 10 Years Younger With The Right Outfit

Woman Gives Away Useful Tip To Looking 10 Years Younger With The Right Outfit

If you’re looking for fashion tips and tricks that are solely intended for mature women, Dominique Sachse is the person to follow.

The YouTuber, who shares hair, fashion, beauty and fitness-related content, has just over 1.93 million subscribers who love who she is and what she stands for.

There are so many of Dominique’s videos that you’ll love if you’re her intended target audience.

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She covers subjects that are genuinely interesting, such as how to do a facelift with makeup and her 8 habits for happiness.

One of Dominique’s most popular videos is titled “Simple Wardrobe Tricks to Look 10 Years Younger!” and has had more than 1 million views so far.

Who wouldn’t want to look 10 years younger with their outfit choices alone?

According to Dominique:

“I think a lot of us limit ourselves as we mature, and we tend to limit ourselves to what we think is appropriate, and what we think is flattering and will suit us.”

For this reason, Dominique says, the clothes we think are working for us may actually be making us look older than we are.

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Tip 1. Wearing all black

Dominique was quick to recognize that black clothes are both flattering and slimming, but when compared to aging, lighter skin, black clothes may be too harsh. The color black may contrast against skin and accentuate the hollows between the neck and under the eyes.

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As an alternative, Dominique suggests using neutrals that’ll soften skin, such as beige and gray, especially on the top half, adding more color to the face.

Tip 2. Patterns

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Next up: patterns. Most mature women love a pattern, and Domonique says that we don’t have to stay away from them. We just need to find the pattern that looks flattering, she explains, adding:

“Hard, geometric lines can look really strict and ageing, as well as darker colors. So in this case, you might want to opt for lighter and brighter shades with softer and more curved patterns.”

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While she’s on the subject, Dominique adds that shirt sleeves that finish before the elbow and heavy skirt pleating can make you look heavier than you are, so stay away if that’s not the look you’re going for.

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Tip 3. Denim

Remember the skinny jeans look with the thick wedge? According to Dominique, that look is “so yesterday”. Turns out this look was never flattering, as Dominique put it:

“A thick shoe draws attention to your calves and makes your bottom half look heavier.”

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To update your denim look, Dominique recommends wearing jeans with cropped ankles and a mid- or high-rise waist, depending on your body type.

Dominique shows us how to do it, pairing her jeans with a smart white jacket and a floaty white top. She opts for black heeled boots instead of thick wedges.

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Tip 4. Necklines

How high are your necklines? According to Dominique, high and rounded necklines can look unflattering, as can clothes made from jersey material. She adds:

“Everybody loves jersey material because it’s comfortable, but it tends to stick to any bulges that are popping out, only accentuating areas that you’re probably trying to hide. High, round necklines also cut you off. They tend to make you look heavier in the chest area and they don’t elongate.”

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A simple way to look younger than your years is to switch the high-necked jersey tops for a V-neck shirt that will elongate your body and accentuate your jawline. Choose whether you prefer a loose, fitted or structured shirt based on your body type.

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5. Eyewear

Once you reach a certain age, eyewear becomes less of an accessory and more of an accessory. For this reason, we might buy eyewear that’s practical and comfortable without thinking about whether it might flatter our faces or not.

“You don’t want to get eyeglasses which are too thick, too low, and rectangular,” Dominique says. “They only draw attention to the hollows of your eyes.”

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So, what should you go for instead? Dominique suggests opting for glasses with lighter and jewel-toned frames that reflect the light. She recommends taking pictures in each pair of glasses that you try on, so you have a clear idea of how other people will see you in your eyewear.

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Tip 6. Self- Tanning

As a bonus, if you want to look younger than your years, Dominique recommends staying away from the sun and opting for self-tan instead.

Self-tanning will add some warmth and depth to your skin the safe way – and you’ll avoid the sun’s harmful rays, which can damage the skin’s epidermis and encourage wrinkles.

We couldn’t possibly cover these tips in the detail that Dominique has, so don’t forget to watch the video below for her full list of advice. You’ll be surprised at just how much you learn from her!

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