Youngest Sister Sets Off Excellent Christmas Dance Involving The Whole Family

Youngest Sister Sets Off Excellent Christmas Dance Involving The Whole Family

The holidays are perfect for spending time with the family.

There are gifts to share, meals to enjoy, and plenty of downtime to just relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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For the Barfuss family, enjoying each other’s company meant choreographing a dance together.

In the video below you can watch as this family of 7 performs an awesome dance to Justin Bieber’s song, Drummer Boy.

The song starts as the youngest girl in the family walks into the frame.

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She is walking like a soldier to the beat of the drums in the song.

She reaches the middle and does a little drumming dance move with her arms while Justin sings, “Barumpapapum.”

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Then she waits there as her next oldest sister walks out, doing the same moves as her.

This trend continues until there are four sisters, all standing in the middle of the room, doing the same drumming dance-move.

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Then the beat of the song changes–it breaks down and so do the girls.

They alternate moving in and out of various poses, pausing with each beat change.

Justin Bieber comes back in, singing quicker and faster this time.

The girls jump and face each other, shaking their arms back and forth to his quick words.

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At one point, the lyrics mention Michael Jackson.

So what do the girls do?

They do the Thriller dance of course.

With claws up, the four girls walk back and forth doing their best Michael Jackson impressions.

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The song continues on and the lyrics shift to talking about a little baby.

Right on cue, mom dances into the screen holding a very young baby boy.

She smiles and spins while holding him up in the air.

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She exits the shot and the rest of the girls come back in.

This time, however, dad is with them.

He is holding up his hand, pretending to hold a microphone, as if he’s about to start singing.

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The rest of the girls are dancing next to him, waiting for the song to change.

When it does, someone starts rapping.

This when dad jumps in and pretends to rap the entire verse.

The girls are dancing and pointing at him while he does so.

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He moves to this front of the screen and raps as hard as he can.

The girls seem to be enjoying themselves in the background, dancing in whatever way they feel fit.

The rap ends and dad walks out of the frame.

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The girls step up and move right back into a choreographed dance as Justin Beiber starts to sing again.

At one point, they all bend forward towards the floor before whipping their heads and hair back in unison.

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They do a few more moves before ending the song with the youngest girl in the front of the group doing the splits and the other sisters crouch down behind her.

They all have their heads facing down towards the floor as the song fades out.

It’s great to see a family coming together and doing something fun for the holidays.

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